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“Each side scored one legitimate goal. Each side had one legitimate penalty claim. Each side has about the same number of close chances. Even if you think United shaded it, that’s nowhere near saying we deserved nothing.”

“Onside or offside ! It doesn’t matter. Second best once again !!!!!”

“Officiating aside, we 100% deserved nothing out of tonight if we are honest with ourselves.”

“Another game for Bowyer to cry about but in all honesty over 90mins we ain’t been great have we”

“I just honestly thought they looked a much better team than us, particularly second half.
Don’t get me wrong I thought there were positives such as bacuna who looks brilliant and just what we’ve been missing.
But defensively they cut thorough us pretty much at will second half.”

“I think Sheffield united will be in the top 6 come end of the season.
There a decent outfit. We’re not ! “

“You can’t really fault them tonight to be fair. We were beaten by a team with better footballers, simple as that really.
The challenge is to bring in more in the same mould as Bacuna. If we can then we have a chance of catching up with teams like Sheffield United “

“They won all the second balls. Used the space as well we werent closing down. “

“2nd goal was good build up play although Peds didnt track his runner.”

“They might have shaded it, possibly, but they didn’t control it”

“They were miles ahead of us tonight. We were poor. Very poor”

“Again like on Sunday defending like a pub side Very poor game management sorry bowyer is not up to it is he”

“Sheff Utd used the wings very well which ultimately led to tiring the midfield out.”

“the midfield was totally over run second half.”

“Sharpe was very good”

” sheff swapped 2 strikers for 2 strikers when 2.1 up Bowyer wouldn’t do that”

“Decent performance, defence was very shoddy but good to see Taylor on the scoresheet. 3 points off Sheffield United isn’t bad at all…”

“I really don’t think we were terrible tonight.”

“I don’t think we are miles off tbh. Main difference between us and them tonight was confidence, they backed themselves to score, and had the confidence to push on and move us around”

“Can’t help but feel we made them look better than they are. I think we’ve definitely played better teams. “

“Whistling aside I really enjoyed that game, some of the play was fantastic.”

“And yet again a game is decided as much by poor ref or linesman decisions as it is by the players and managers.”

“Bowyer just said on Sky that the linesman admitted Sharp was offside but apparently he wasn’t interfering with play. If he wasn’t there, Etheridge wouldn’t be out of his area heading it!”

“That’s even worse then in a way. If Sharpe wasn’t there then Ethers could have just stayed in his area and caught the ball. What a ridiculous thing that linesman has said”

“If that is what the linesman said (and I’d be surprised if Bowyer had made that up), I can see why he was having a go at the ref. I can understand refs making mistakes but I wouldn’t call it that in this case – it’s just a wrong decision. He’s seen exactly what happened and got it completely wrong”.

“We should have defended it after that though. That gave them a chance to attack, not a chance on goal.”

“defence were waltzed around, never mind the offside 10 seconds before, we still had chances to clear it, we didnt and paid the price”

“The poor non-offside call aside, you have to play to the whistle “

“That was a bit tricky tonight.”

” that attack shouldn’t have happened, he was offside and interfering with play. You can argue about defending after that, but it’s that simple.
I know a lot don’t want VAR in this division, but this is shite every week.”

” Mengi looked like he had just got off the subbuteo table”

“Most of the Sheff. Utd players sprinted over to the tussle with Roberts & no Blues players did the same, we’re a soft touch, maybe nothing but I’d have been flying over to back my team mate”

By Roy

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