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“The plan for Friday before the game: March from The Bull Ring Tavern at 6:30pm, let get the numbers up & make some noise all the way to the Kop car park and outside the main doors! Bring your mask, whistles, flares, banners. Spread the word!”

“Friday 4th February is the day for any action against the owners Blues fans. Any sensible protests outside the ground, banners etc or anything that Sky and the owners can pick up on! Someone get the wheels and plans in motion! Let’s make voices heard”

“Facemasks and whistles for the Sheff Utd game. Going to be one hell of a spectacle”

“Going to be tasty now-can see massive disruption”

“Sheffield United is the perfect opportunity for the footballing world to see”

“the whistle protest for the sheffield united game is elite blues facebook, no way there’s people who actually think it’s a good idea”

“We could stage a mass walk out against Sheff Utd…problem is no-one would notice”

“Biggest game of the season. Players need to get a grip today because the atmosphere for Sheffield on Friday will be mad. Come on blues. Need to start picking up more points to be safe. “

“Let’s hope things begin to look up from Sundays improved performance, on to Sheffield United”

“same formation as Sunday, and take the game to them please”

“Have that extra player in the middle and beat them in the middle of the park instead of worrying about them scoring, especially when this year Sheffield haven’t been renowned for being dangerous in front of goal.”

“Fully expecting to be battered by a decent Sheffield United side.”

“Brewsters injured for sheff utd for tomorrow hahahahahahah”

“4 goals in 46 games for them so you know he would’ve bagged a hat trick against us”

“Sheff Utd away feels like a lifetime ago”

“As a lad born in Birmingham but raised in Yorkshire since I was 2 ( hence the strong Yorkshire accent ) The best chants in football are ‘ Keep right on ‘ and ‘ Greasy Chip Butty ‘ .”

By Roy

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