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“They love a Brentford centre back!”

“Thought he did better than OK when called upon but seems to have no luck with injuries and Illness , definitely a good championship defender and fairly able Prem deputy”

“Had long Covid as well if rumours are to be believed. In all the circumstances I think he is doing brilliantly and he is certainly exceeding my expectations”

“I actually think he’s been on the whole good when stepping in for others. Because don’t forget, nobody was expecting a man who played very little in the championship to transform into Cannavaro in the Prem”

“As others have said to play in league 2 and then more or less straight into the Prem is a massive step and he doesn’t look out of place. He’s improving every game and proved a lot of doubters wrong.”

“CG will never be a ‘quality’ player but by heck he does his best”

“He is a no nonsense old school centre back sometimes you need it, and actually to be fair to him can whip a ball in quite well too. Cultured ball playing centre backs which everyone craves are expensive and hard to find and keep hold of. He gives 100% every game and can see he is working hard to perform. I won’t fault him for his lack of “quality”.”

“He wears the shirt with pride and its just great to see. I still think he can keep on improving as well”

“I’ve gone from being in the “never want to see him wear the red and white” camp to being someone who gives him huge respect for stepping in during an injury crisis and doing a competent job.
As has been said, he’ll never be first choice with the others back and perhaps he may even be sold in the summer. He’ll make a decent living out of the game though and I’ll remember him with respect in years to come rather than the disdain I had up until the last 3 or 4 games.”

“I take my hat off to him considering he’s been thrown into the deep end. What I also like about him is he gets stuck in & is a old school English centre back. He can be hot headed sometimes at team mates and that I don’t like but he’ll learn on that”

“He does leave me on edge watching him but no denying the lads commitment. His distribution was erratic at times but overall he won his tackles & headers, fair play to him.”

“He is a warrior and although I understand he makes some people nervous with the ball at his feet his long passing game is actually really good.”

“He may not be the most talented player in the prem but he has the heart of a lion, gives everything to the cause, never gives up and he is enjoying himself.”

“one of those heart on a sleeve players I just want to hug.”

“He’s a trier that’s for sure.”

“He’s got plenty of pace, he’s been desperately unlucky with injuries and health issues since he’s been with us.”

“It feels like if anyone deserves to go out and play competitive minutes it is Charlie. He has his limitations for this level but I think he proved it is not entirely beyond him. Stepping up 2-3 levels signing for us, and after illness, injury, etc. he still came in and performed admirably in our hour of need during an injury crisis – and our record with him starting is actually pretty good:
• Won both cup games
• Beat Everton and Watford
• Drew with Leeds (oh what could have been)
• Only one defeat, away at Spurs.
Be sort of surprised if SUFC have option to buy, given what happened with JO’C. Then again, if the option is for a reasonable fee, and this is the way to get him out and playing at a good level then fair enough. “

“One thing I have learnt this season is the reality of the relentlessness of the PL. I had heard about it of course but once you are watching it with your team each week it’s unbelievable. Even the ‘poor’ teams have amazing players . The pressure on defenders is huge and whilst Goode showed promise it feels like we just do not have the time or space to be sure Ilof his eventual quality. In the end I guess it’s an instinctive decision by the coaches on who is likely to succeed and Goode came down the wrong side. Good luck to him”

“He’s been very unlucky until recently and a very stop start career with us that meant very few games where he impressed or showed why he came with a big rep.
He’s changed that with 4 or 5 decent games of late and he doesn’t hide, gives 100% and looks like a good player and decent cover for Ajer and or any other central defenders.
Bees fans have always loved and showed respect for a trier but let’s not kid ourself he’s on the best part of a £1M a year for being our 4th choice centre back”

“Done ok for us when called upon,
Not the answer and we need better.”

“Over the last season and now this one he has not played much for one reason or another and a run of 12 or so games in the Championship would be beneficial to him.”

“he doesn’t really have Championship experience. He needs a decent run of games.”

“No objections here. Has done an okay job when called upon and clearly a decent team man.
However, he’s hardly ever available for selection – need someone more reliable and faster. Even better if they can bring the ball out of defence rather than launching or losing it!”

“I am not a huge fan of Charlie as i think his lack of quality on the ball invites pressure”

“Unfortunately we can’t carry someone who isn’t good enough and also is unavailable every other week.”

“Part of my problem with Charlie is that he seems all to rarely fit to play.”

“my other club is The Arsenal and they frequently have players in ‘the red zone’ which invariably leads to hamstring and other injuries. And they are have a much larger squad than (still) little us. “

“Sheff Utd will this – will expect him to be England captain within a year. “

“Wonder if they are still worried about Egan going to Man Utd or Liverpool for £50m…..”

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