“We WERE top of the league, say, we WERE top of the league”

“After the Tuesday match was hoping for a response but it did not happen , on the front foot from the kick off utd were running through our midfield at ease and after 10 or so minutes Wallace was outpaced by their forward and slipped the ball.last Bart 1-0, for the rest of the half we were hanging on when again playing the ball across our back 4 Treadwell under bit a pass to God knows who and their forward faced through and scored poor football by us , feared the second but Saville & Bennett got stuck in but we really never looked like scoring , afobi was dire and did not create or have a effort on goal, our corners were predicible and easily defended”

“Not good, but only second game against a team I expect to end top six.”

“Poor performance. Blades controlled the match from start to finish and deserved nothing less than all three points today. At least good old Bramall Lane ticked off while “

“Sheff Utd were very good”

“Early days yet, with new lads settling in, and against a stronger home side.
Hate to say it, but credit where credit is due, Sheffield’s defenders shut down any decent moves we made.”

“It’s Millwall, we’re not as good as Sheffield United away, but are better than Stoke at home. As a result we’ll finish 8-10th. What did everyone expect?”

“They looked like their playing with 15 men in the first half. We never seemed to have ANY time on the ball!!”

“The skinny bloke who scored the first is made Wallace look like a pub player”

“A game of two halves if ever there was one, unfortunately for us our tepid first half performance done the damage and we couldn’t claw it back. Sheffield United clearly had a game plan to get at us from the first minute and we couldn’t live with their lively forward line. Sheffield United defended well to their credit”

“Terrible first half, much better second half. First goal could have been a foul but we had two players going for the same ball and it was very avoidable. Second goal was a gift. “

“we matched them second half, maybe we was slightly the better team. “

“If we played the whole game like we have 2nd half, we’d be looking at taking a point at least.”

“Actually thought he could nick a draw second half.”

“Quite literally a game of two halves”

“The first half was a hangover from that terrible mid-week game. Most of the players looked clumsy, slow, disjointed and nervous. That was probably from a proper tongue lashing from the manager. Whatever GR said at half time, certainly worked. We easily matched them in the second half and at times, looked the better team.”

“Don’t recall Foderingham making a proper save at all.”

“We are still a couple of players away from being a very, very good Championship side. We are a well run club with an excellent manager. Today wasn’t great, but it’s a tough league.”

“Ref was been bent as arseholes. Shocking.”

“Ref done us no favours first 30 minutes, their first was a 2 arm shove in the back on Cooper”

“the only thing worse than the ref was our performance.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Millwall”
  1. You are very mediocre & will be mediocre. No point moaning when you come up against a good side & get beat. Sour grapes 😆😆

  2. Worst team to visit Bramall Lane in a long long time, we should have had 6 in the first half, their only tactic was to launch it towards cart horse cooper, relegation beckons 🤣🤣

  3. The Lions lost to Cambridge and some of their supporters were saying they made 9 changes from Saturday when 5 of the players that started on Saturday played against Cambridge so excuses are okay but alternative facts?

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