“Sheffield United must be looking forward to Sunday they know we are in a shaky state”

“I think Sheffield United are just in another league to us anyway, their squad is what we should be aiming for”

“Sheff Utd are clearly stronger than us. We seem to be in the tier below with the likes of QPR, Millwall, Blackburn, Coventry”

“We have nowhere near the calibre of midfielders Wilder had at Sheff Utd and without Tav it lacks energy massively, doesn’t fill me full of confidence at all”

“sheff utd will be a very tough game. Berge for them is one of the best midfielders in this league. Would love to have him. Better than Tav. “

“Berge ripped us apart in the mauling away from home last season”

“A thumping from Sheffield United would really send the fanbase into meltdown”

“Sheff utd is massive now, going to start seeing unrest if we lose again.”

“another tall side like QPR”

“Sheffield United lost their first 2 games in their promotion season. Getting smashed 3-0 by Tony Pulis’ Boro in the second game. They romped their way into the top 2, can’t put too much stock into the opening fixtures.”

“I honestly think that the players who play against Sheffield United would be better prepared for that game with a win on Wednesday than a free week, they’ll be disappointed having drawn to West Brom and they’ll be even more disappointed with the way we lost the game at QPR. “

“we are still 5-6 players away from being a top team and that we are incredibly inconsistent. For me though, perhaps controversially, I really don’t think we are well suited to this 3-5-2 system at all.”

“Wilder hasn’t criticised the recruitment because it’s not effected any results therefore him. But should we struggle next week against a very good Sheff U, he will definitely be mentioning it. Sad state of affairs. Could easily go into September with no wins. Tough start”

“Wilder went after very similar targets whilst at Sheffield United, you could rightly point out that many of them flopped, and that’s a definite concern, but they fit the same criteria.”

“What’s he done since finishing bottom withSheff Utd? Produced one pretty average half season with us. Doubt anyone who watched us get hammered by mid table teams in our last two away games would be particularly excited about getting him in.”

“Hes lucky he’s working for Gibson. A fair few other chairman in the league he’d be under pressure at this moment and I definitely think most other chairman would be hesitant to back him with big signings on the basis of the form we have shown since February.”

“Shame it’s a Sunday kick off as they tend to be quite subdued atmospheres, I dunno how many Sheff Utd are bringing but really hope the home crowd is up for this one. Personally think it will be a hard thought draw.”

“Over 2,000 away tickets sold and a likely 2400 away sell out for Sunday.
Should add to a brilliant atmosphere..”

“Can’t remember them ever filling the away end before .
Though at a current capacity of 2341, it’s hardly massive.”

“Their away support isn’t a match on ours but still one of the biggest followings we will see this season.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Boro”
  1. I don’t know why you fans are flapping. Wilder is the best manager you can get and he will have you up the top of the table by the end of the season.
    Don’t underestimate him and Alan Knill

  2. I think the Blades squad will again be out to remind crissy Wilder he should have stayed put and forget about things out of his control like running the club, if boro back him he WILL bring success, just not tomorrow afternoon 😉

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