“That was a great watch. Proper game.”

“Exciting game, could have lost it and could have won it.”

“Hell of a game for the neutral especially this heat. Gifted them a goal but at the end there was only on team going to win it.”

“I thought we were the better team. SHeff keeperr had to make a couple of saves, we hit the woodwork and they never really made a chance, own goal aside.”

“That was a good performance overall against one of the toughest opponents we will face this year. Lots of fight and belief.
They had very little in the second half. “

“Think we were actually the better team second half”

“We have met 2 top six contenders and been unlucky to draw both.We could and should have won this game .. Against a very strong team that hammered us last time we played them ..”

“Thought we deserved at least the point.”

“All credit to Sheffield United who will be happy to take a point from that.””

“Probably a fair result – don’t feel either team were good enough to win…though Boro may well have got all 3 points but for Giles.”

“That team battered us last time we played.
I don’t think a point is bad and we were improved from the disaster of last week. We’ll improve and will have at least two first XI standard players joining in the next few weeks.
Beat Stoke and our start will look fine. WBA and Sheff Utd are no pushovers and are ahead of us in terms of building their squads”.

“Take a point against them lot any day”

“Not a bad result today against a team I feel will be up there and will hammer a few teams.”

“Good point against a good team, we were 2nd best for half an hour in the 2nd half”

“Very enjoyable game. Lots of fight from both teams and both sets of fans. Makes the goals feel a lot more sweet when they go in. Not great that we haven’t won yet, but we have taken points off West Brom and Shef Utd who will be battling with us for the PO places later in the season “

“thought we looked disjoined and sloppy. the weather must be the reason for this as sheff utd the same. a good point in the end coming from behind twice cant complain to much. the own goal was laughable but it was coming, they were having chances and deserved the lead at that point. “

” No team gets promoted playing well in bursts. That’s been our entire problem under Wilder. 45 minutes here, 20 minutes there.
We scored a great goal today. We also let in 2 *** ones”

“Seems to be a bit of aggro between the two clubs over Wilder, not sure why, they need to get over how it ended and remember the memories.”

“There seems to have been a bit of aggro between us for a good while, even prior to Wilder. I remember a few years back (might have been the opening game of the season?) where they broke the fence/gate open on the car park behind the East stand and a load of trouble started. Every time I’ve been to Sheff U away I’ve seen some form of idiots scrapping too.”

“Sheffield U have more than their fair share of idiots. Always have done”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Boro”
  1. 2 shocking referee decisions saved Borough. The goal wasn’t offside ( came off there player)
    Stone wall penalty denied.

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