"Ah well, beaten by the far better team"

"We move, Sheffield looked a quality team,"

"Ah well, lost to a far superior side, didn't really compete which is a shame and not what we are meant to be about this season."

"Fair play to Sheffield they thoroughly deserved that. Our boys did try to be fair but clearly utterly shattered and just not able to compete with Sheffield"

"Oh well, back down to earth with a bang. Thought the team was all wrong today and credit to Utd who were a class above. Not sure us playing well would have made any difference to the result such was the gap in quality."

"Sometimes in football you get outplayed and pumped by a team that’s better on paper and on fire on grass when you’re having a bad night. Won’t be the last time it’ll happen and it’ll happen to plenty of good sides this year."

Better team won and did a number on us. We won't play many teams that good at this level."

"We were chasing shadows from the off. A lot of players purely out shone by a very good and a very organised Sheff utd team. Best team we have played in a long time.
We looked exactly how Blackburn looked versus us."

"Tbh it looked like men against boys. We were outclassed and Sheff United looked very good."

"Reality is sheff u are a far better side with a much bigger squad. That tends to lead to then winning the game"

"Beaten by a team miles better than us…. Cant wait until next season where we can probably match teams like this granted we stay in the league"

"Expected better, not overly surprised, Sheffield dominated and need to move onto the next game and get as many points as we can."

"Let’s be realistic, Sheffield United should be beating us 4-0. We’re a squad made up of PL has-beens and academy products playing against proven top level talent.
Ince got it all wrong tonight, but it’s a long season and plenty of time to get things right."

"We haven't played particularly well. But we've been well beaten by a really good team, who have completely nullified us and dominated.
You shrug your shoulders and move on. We were always likely to lose this. We're in a false position and Sheff Utd aren't. If anything this is positive. It shows them how far they still have to go, and gives a nice little wake up call after a very good little run to keep their feet on the ground and keep effort up."

"Don’t think Ince got his tactics right though, said before the game that you have to control their midfield, there aren’t many better midfielders in the Championship than Norwood when you let him dictate the play and that’s exactly what we did today. It’s said almost every time we lost to them but what a waste of a quality player he was, totally misused him here"

"Felt we were starting to get a toehold toward the end of the half and having got lucky by only being 1 down, there were signs that if we could stay tight, we would create something or get a chance from a set play. But 90 seconds after half-time, done -"

"The season even in August is already depressing. Norwich, Watford, Burnley Sheffield United way better than anyone else with there parachute payments."

"Yes, gets boring every year with same teams up and down. Premiership parachute money just too much which makes it very difficult for any other teams to compete'

"Very predictable top 4."

"Not sure Burnley will be top 6 come the end of the season. Don't think they are consistent enough. Sheff Utd, Norwich and Watford will be top 6 though. Norwich will walk the league now after their rocky start."

"And then they’ll struggle in the Prem next year, same pattern between championship and Premier League every year. Even teams that do well initially seem to come back down after 2 or 3 years. Occasional exception as there is to every rule."

"It is, what it is. Sheff U were good, but I don’t think they’ll go up, too many others who are better than them"

"A bad loss against a poor Sheffield side that will be nowhere near the top this season ,should have got at least a point today ,against a very average side"

"They won't go up. Too many bottlers in their side. Enjoy playing us again next season."

"Obvs disappointing but it's the most relaxed I have felt after a 4-0 hammering"

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By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Reading”
  1. A couple of sour grapes comments but other than those 2 the rest realise they are not quite at the level to compete at the top of this league.

  2. Fantastic support from fans travelling a long way on a Tuesday night friendly too. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the season.
    Captain Blade SUFC.

  3. Honest reviews from people who know a game when they see one, few sour grape reviews from people that that have no clue about football but hey ho !! Good luck to the Royals for rest of season ⚔️

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