“Our biggest post-Allam game so far and the big match buzz has started already, not to be missed.”

“Tough tough game. If we don’t battle like hell to win the midfield we are in trouble. Draw would be great.”

“Hoping for another nervy win by the odd goal but fearing a defeat by 2 or more. Probably the pattern for the season.
Caught Norwich and Burnley at the right time but can’t say the same for these.”

“Bumed by the blades , we will get bumed by the blades”

“Just need to turn up for the first 15-20 mins and make sure we are still in the game.”

“I cannot remember a bad game against Sheff Utd, especially at home. Even in the dark days at Boothferry Park the atmosphere was crackling and edgy when we met. It will be no different on Sunday. The last time we met at home they were charging head first to the Premier League and they bullied us all over the pitch. I expect a similar approach from them this time and just hope Shota is aware of that.
We have a lot more quality amongst our ranks then we had the last time we met at home, and we have that backs to wall 0-0 draw at Bramall Lane mentality behind us, so no fear here. Big expectant crowd, Sunday afternoon, the city to ourselves, good kick off time, packed away support so the atmosphere and stadium will be bouncing at 3.00 o’clock. If you chose to watch this one in the pub when you can be there then your not really a football fan. Fixtures don’t come much better then this.”

“I have every confidence we will win”

“just caught a clip of the Sheffield United press conference and Paul Heckingbottom is shitting it against us”

“Easy victory – with all these new additions we will have about 27 players on the pitch. By 5 pm, those piggies will be doing a Blade Runner”

“** club. ** piggy fans. 8-0 city.”

“I’ll look forward to a chorus of ‘we saw you crying on Wembley Way’…”

“that’s the thing ain’t it
they may have been in the top flight recently, they may be top of the league
but they got battered, humiliated, destroyed and bent over at wembley in a cup semi final”

“Celebrity fans are ****s.
Sean Bean? ** name, ** pronunciation.
Make your ****ing mind up. Is it “Seen Been” or “Shawn Bhawn”
He fits in well with these ***s. The ***”.

“Sheffield have sold their full allocation. I suspect there may be a few in the home seats.”

“Yep. In their desperation to reach 20k the club seem to have forgotten about that possibility. Wasn’t too bothered about the Forest game last season as it was a dead game, but if there are away fans acting up near me for this one I won’t be best pleased”

“They would get smacked at a lot of grounds but not ours where the police and stewards won’t enforce ground regulations and chuck them out and tell people to leave them alone.”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Hull”
  1. Battered, humiliated, destroyed and bent over?? We were a struggling league one outfit, you were premier league and you won by two goals. Have a word with yourself. You ended up winning as much as we did.

  2. We don’t think we’re your rivals, some of us just don’t like you. There is a difference.
    Particularly those that remember hooliganism in the 70s and 80s. Couldn’t give a toss about you personally.
    Btw I see more “smackheads” around Leeds on a daily basis than I ever do when I go back to Hull. Can’t comment on Sheffield as I never go.

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