“We got bossed from the start! Deserved to lose, I don’t think Shota knows his best team but regardles they were better than us all over. Bad day at the office. Shrug it off and go again at Cardiff.”

“Turned into an average start now. Conceded a crazy amount of goals. But we have had the hardest start in the league and most injuries in the league so. Onto the next one. Lots to improve on.”

“United we’re far the better team especially in the first half. City really did not get a look in and our midfield were poor and failed to create much”

“Honestly, at no point during that game did I think we wouldn’t lose.
We were bullied from start to finish. Not good, not good at all. “

“Sheffield United didn’t even have to get out of second gear today, we could barely get near them.”

“They are fitter and are a lot more organised we just have too many injuries and players that do not look fully match fit. “

“I was really impressed by them.
They aren’t going to be flashy, but I highly expect them to be near the top two. I think we’ve now had our three hardest games of the season at home, and we’ve still got a huge number of players to come back. Im still optimistic.”

“No point trying to play football in this league unless you’re a team that’s just come down with premierleague players. We’ll get out muscled and closed down by most teams in this league. It’s already clear as day how to beat us”

“Sheffield obviously better than City but we could have done a lot more to help ourselves.”

“We have a lot more technical quality than they did
But they bossed the game
Anonymous midfield
They have everything you need to win promotion out of the championship”

“Despite the disappointment Oscar scores his chance and we go on to win that game,”

“coulda shoulda with those gifted chances but they bossed us on our own turf “

“lets be honest they were not very good at all… we gifted them the game…”

“I thought they pressed us well and were the better side, let’s not forget they are away from home and I would be very surprised if they are not top six come the end of the season. If you think they wasn’t very good what does that make us, I mentioned the two great chances we missed and that could have completely changed the game however unfortunately we didn’t take them.”

“Strange game, they will be up there come the end of season, they were better first half, more physical in midfield. Big mistake from our keeper yet we have two fantastic chances. Second half thought the crowd got behind city and then they go and score a deflected shot and it’s game over .Was they better than us today -yes but not miles better. Today shows the improvement needed to be a top six side. “

“The dust is settling on that one. Let’s be fair we hardly laid a glove on em. Lots of running about and effort but not much quality on display. They had the quality player who ran the game. Without him they’d be average, but that extra something will go a long way. “

“A draw was a fair result, no questions. Missed the best two chances, play Longman had a great chance. They profited from a keeping mistake and a deflected shot.”

“Berge and ndyaye played us off the park, stop trying to think something that isn’t. Pathetic we lost fair, we move on.”

“That Berge and NDaiye are good players for them”

“Moment of magic from Berge and a moment of tragic from Ingram the difference in that game”

“Don’t think there’s too much to be concerned about after that, not the result we wanted but Sheffield United just a very good side, Sander Berge is a monster. Think we will be just fine once we get to full strength. Baxter has to start next game.”

“Slater doesn’t shirk tackles but Berge swatted him away like a fly on his shoulder.”

“What a player Sander Berge is. Could have played in a dinner jacket.”

“Anyone who lets mcburnie score from 20 yards needs benching”

“Sheffield United’s squad cost over a hundred million quid. They took off a £20m striker and replaced him with an £23m one. Sander Berge cost £22m as well.
We aren’t anywhere near that level, not yet. We’ll probably finish somewhere around the middle, which is decent enough progress. Like Acun said, we can’t compete with teams that are funded by Premier League money, those games become FA Cup style ties. We can win (like we did against Norwich), but realistically we’ll probably lose them.”

“Seems some Blunts fans think we are at least top 8 on quality and play like Galatasary . Now I’ve calmed down get some other players fit and I think we can out football teams – but we can’t out muscle them.”

“We’ll be top 6 this season.
Just need a bit of patience.
We’ve brought in some real quality and some real potential.”

“Yep. Can see us being every bit as good if not better than them when our new signings are up to speed”

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