“No words….feel numb”

“Thought we played excellent.. considering these were top we were much the better side.”

“We played amazing”

“Thought we were excellent today”

“To me the improvement in the last 2 games has been substantial.. hardly any messing about at the back.. a goalkeeper who can catch a cross.. and more direct attacking definitely.. Cooper has been like a new signing and we were the better side against the team that are top.. crazy ending to the game were trying to win until the end.. I’ll take that all the time “

“Really undeserved. We’re having a terrible run of the last minute lottery. How many kicks in the nuts can we take.”

“In fairness we deserved at least a point from that game.
The referee’s decision not to award a foul against Brewster was the key moment that undid all the good and effort of our players.
Despite the result, I’m encouraged by what I saw which was a real team effort with lots of endeavour and commitment to the Swansea cause.”

“On another day we are 2 or 3 up and it doesn’t matter.”

“We had good chances.
We never took them.
Fine lines.”

“We look for the perfect goal.
We spurned terrific chances tonight”

“Result aside, we have to walk away with our heads held higher, we dominated the entire match against top of the league and a very good Sheffield team”

“Better performance SU look decent goin forward, but not the best defensively, should have scored at least 1 goal”

“can’t get too down about the performance, the result however was a sucker punch.”

“They are top of the league and we matched them”

“They were not that good.”

” We did reasonably well but came up short where it matters. Tonight wasn’t our yardstick. Saturday is.”

“We had the better chances but not as fluid as Utd”

“They were a good solid team so expected a defeat, but for Piroe not to put one of his chances away was disappointing. “

“Was I watching a different game to people? Acting like we’ve won the bloody game. Was only a matter of time before we conceded we look absolutely weak at the back”

“Do not anyone come on here tonight and claim we “didn’t deserve to lose that game”.
Time and time again, we shoot ourselves in the foot.
This is big boy stuff. This isn’t Swansea league. Teams will hurt you if you take the *. Our naivety is breathtaking at times.
It’s the 94th minute. You’ve worked your b0llocks off for a point.
Why are we so far up the pitch? Why doesn’t he just bloody foul Brewster on the half way line, take a card, see the game out?
The lack of professionalism is staggering. Some of these players need to grow up, fast.
Pathetic. I don’t care how well we played. It’s the same mistakes, time and time and time again. Not good enough.”

“Really glad to hear the minutes silence was impeccably observed. Fantastic to see the overwhelming majority, as in by the sounds of it, everyone there was respectful even if they don’t agree with the monarchy. “

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Swansea”
  1. We were away from home, the plan was to sit back and counter attack. We executed the plan perfectly. You lot don’t realise that we don’t play like that at home. We had just as many, if not more chances to score. We deserved the win because we scored and didn’t concede, and followed the game plan. You lost because you couldn’t follow the game plan. Simple as

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