“Two mistakes from sheff Utd is the only reason we scored today. We just don’t look capable of creating clear cut opportunities “

“Funny old game. If we could flip the halves, we’d perhaps be feeling more up beat. We should have been able to build on being 2-0 up. I think for me, as much as Smith, I struggle to see if we have the squad to do it now. “

“It’s been a real game of halves- all us then all them. Whatever the sheff u manager said at half time – it worked. “

“What really concerns me is how bad Sheff Utd where, Yet 2nd half they bossed the game and should have won.”

” first half we looked very good as a team but second half we couldn’t get hold of the game and allowed them back into it. 1 win in 7 aswell which is totally unacceptable for the sqaud”

“we should have been comfortable being 2 up at the half against a side on very poor form but we were absolutely shocking second half and got battered, lucky to get a point in the end! “

“I don’t think they will be top 2 potentially top 6. Either way if you’re going to go up the games where you’re 2-0 up at half time are the games you win. “

” A point away at Sheff Utd is agood point in pretty much any circumstance…even today
The problem is other results in the last few weeks”

” At the end of the day we deserved a point and the 1st half we were decent.
You can’t help but feel annoyed at the way we capitulated 2nd half as soon as Sheff Utd cranked up the pressure. Game management was very poor indeed.”

“If you don’t think they dominated then fair enough, those rose tinted Smith specs are still going strong”

“Osborn was the danger first-half, yet Smith clearly failed to address this at half-time.”

“It was a classic case of Billy Sharp winding up the crowd to get them back into the game, he’s an absolute master of it.
From there, they subbed on their better players and began to dominate it. I’ve lost count of how many goals we’ve now conceded due to Aarons being out-jumped at the back post (this is why no Prem teams want him) and Sargent was never due to take the penalty. He was simply taking the ball to take the Sheff Utd players away from Pukki, ala Chelsea last season. Shame, as Pukki has always been woeful at penalties. His game is all about clever runs and passing finishers, Sargent next time please. “

“Good point away from home against a challenger for promotion “

“Thrown that one away really, we were well in control after the first half and for the start of the second but as soon as their first goal was scored the heads just dropped and we lost our bluster. “

“Draw away against one of the best in this league (give them some credit), yes we could and arguably should have won it given chances, but Jesus cheer up some of you FFS”

“Whilst an away point is usually something to be applauded, it’s usually backed up by wins at home.
A point away doesn’t seem as good when you’ve lost your last two home games. It just feels like more dropped points. There’s no joy in it.”

“Osborn was the f’king danger!! Aarons is giving him the freedom of the left side….”

“But for a fluffed penalty, it was ours. Squandering a 2-0 lead was frustrating, but it was a point away from home against one of the teams who have been setting the pace this season, along with ourselves. “

“I thought it was one of our best performances for a long time. Lots of fast and fluid attacking moves which just needed a better finish.”

“Only ourselves to blame. The antics rebounded on us, pumped up Utd and their fans when we looked in little danger. “

“We played like absolute fannies. “

“Interesting how United have been in similar form, have similar expectations but far less booing from their fans. “

“I understand game management but our players falling over at any opportunity is a bit embarrassing “

“To be fair we were quite lucky that McBernie is so crap he basically misses a virtually open goal from one yard “

“Their keeper should’ve held onto the pen, embarrassing for him really “

“It all started when Hanley booted Sharp on the floor for no apparent reason, up until that point we had kept the crowd pretty quiet”.

“Sharp should have been sent off. “

“I thought the ref was one of the main reasons it was such a scrappy and chaotic game. Needed to stamp his authority in a good way and didn’t – players trying it on as a result. “

” Our players should just concentrate a bit more and stop trying to con the ref. “

“watched the most bias sheff utd stream imaginable, think it was sheff utd TV or something.
Brian Deane and some other chap who used to play with with both said post-match that the moment Hanley and Sharp went at it was the moment the Sheff Utd fans started getting behind their team, they thought it was the catalyst for their comeback. “

“No moans for me this evening, sitting in Kelham Island Tavern garden. A proper game, I wanted gumption and got it, could of won it, but could easily have lost. Strange first half, 30,000 crowd quiet”

“what a horrible nasty chip on the shoulder club they have become. Players, fans & mgmt all of the same ilk. Finally how the hell is Muppet McBurnie still in the game after his off pitch shenanigans?”

By Roy

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