“Actually looking forward to going to the game Saturday. Probably the first time since Bilic pre-covid”

“New manager bounce with corberan, atmosphere should be good and Sheff u in poor form, can see us getting a result tbh”

“New manager bounce please! Sheff U are quite erratic, let’s get at them.”

“Sheffield United are bang average”

“I love everything Carlos is saying, I love everything I’m seeing from the clips of him in training. Absolutely ready to get behind the bloke. Roll on Saturday!”

“I wouldn’t have attended Saturday but i will now. A bloke who resonates an energy I see connecting with what the fanbase feels too. The Hawthorns is pretty much polarised as a morgue or electric, he will bring the latter back”

“I’m sure our home crowd will be keen to show support to Carlos and get behind the team. Great opportunity to capitalise.”

“I’m sold on the man. Let’s give him all the support we can on Saturday and the games until the end of the season. Even if it isn’t quite going as we want. He needs time to implement his ideas and change some of the squad. For 90 mins we need to get the ground rocking”

“Let’s go! I’m excited about this, it can’t get any worse!! Atmosphere needs to be 10/10 Saturday, difficult team to beat !!”

“An atmosphere is needed Saturday. Need to get behind Carlos from the get go”

“Im anticipating a great atmosphere on Saturday. Tough game, but a great opportunity for the players to show fresh commitment, spirit and passion. I’ve a feeling that we will see some exuberance from Carlos !”

“Will be a very tough match”

“please don’t expect a complete turnaround by Saturday. We’re gonna see little impact until after the world cup. Lets just hope grind some wins out in the meantime. Firmly in results over style territory for the foreseeable”

“Something I’m worried for is that if we lose to sheffield Utd, then you’ll get some fans immediately wanting Corberan out without giving him any time. It is crucial that he gets the fans support and backing!”

“we will probably get thumped on Saturday. But this really is going to take time to turn around. We’ll all be there. Hopefully we can look back and say “that was the start of the turnaround””

“I’m not convinced we will win but I don’t think we will get thumped, purely because I think the players will be working harder than usual.”

“Corberan isn’t a bad choice given our position but while a win and decent performance on Saturday will be very welcome I think it will take time to turn this lot around .Confidence is a big factor in football though so need to get some wins in quickly. “

“Sheffield United are 11/5 to beat us. Dip your fkin bread!!!”

“Have no idea what to expect. I dont think we will see much different on Saturday. I am however looking forward to going to the game and that feels good.”

“Anyone know the last time 2 consecutive managers faced the same opposition in their first game? Surely this Sheffield Utd game can’t be as bad as Bruce’s first game against them”

“1994 – both Burkinshaw and Buckley’s first games were against Barnsley. Mowbray and Hodgson’s first games were both against Wolves, but their reigns are separated by Di Matteo’s.”

By Roy

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