“To put this into perspective, Sheffield United were on a poor run and struggling for form. They have just come away from home for an early kick off and dispatched us like a Premier League side taking on a non league team in the FA Cup”

“The worst thing is that Sheffield United have finished us off without ever looking threatened – like a Premier League picking off a lower league side in a cup match.”

“Sheffield United head and shoulders above us today. “

“Stroll that for them 2nd gear”

“They completely controlled the match”

“They never looked like they had to break a sweat, so easy for them.”

“They will not have an easier game all season”

“They just walked through the defence, they didn’t even break a sweat…”

“Just… rubbish. Our defence just isn’t anywhere near good enough. We’ll concede a goal or two a game from stupid errors.”

“Load of rubbish. This game and the Bristol City match are two of the worst games I’ve seen us play for a long time. Yet another game where we concede in the first 10 mins then can’t get back into the game.”

“Absolutely awful. If anyone thought a change of manager would make a difference then are delusional “

“What a absolute disgrace, didn’t lay a glove on Sheffield”

“Sheff Utd set up exactly how every team in this league does against us and it works every time – sit back and let us have the ball, press hard and run directly at our defence on the counter. Easiest team to play against in English football”.

” A weakened Sheffield side are stronger and quicker than us. “

“They completely bossed it from start to finish in my view and kept us at arms length for almost the whole game. We never looked like scoring until late on with a possible consolation”

“Sheffield are no great shakes but they are much better then we are at this time. They do the basics very well”

“The Sheff Utd midfield is miles better than ours”

“Sheff didn’t score without our incompetence and they are probably the most balanced and organised side in this division which makes them seem relatively good.”

“You defend as a team together. The way Sheffield defend is so much better. “

“I cannot get over how ineffective we are at corners and long throws. A couple of years ago we scared defences to death with the likes of G Mac, Dawson, Evans etc Even Bartley could get on a few. Today it was a completely pointless exercise, Sheffield mopped the lot up with ease.”

” Sheff Utd had 2 forwards that caused us problems all day”

“To be fair, I thought the players showed some good movement and runs off the ball. Its that final bit of quality that’s missing. The final accuracy in the pass so often let them down. Ability to finish, to get on the end of crosses is an on-going problem. All the corners pretty much a waste of time. Each time they were headed away by the Sheff Utd defenders. They need to try short corners more often. “

“Sheff United didn’t exactly have to perform well and its comfy for them”

“Worst thing about today sheff utd no better genuinely not seen a decent side this season any half decent team with a goal scorer wins this league no problem”

“Sheff Utd not going up”

“Made a Sheff Utd team that hasn’t won in 6 games look like prime Barcelona”

“They took there chances and did nothing else, we’re so shite”

“They had barely a had any of shots.The 2 goals were schoolboy errors from Albion.needs sort to out the defence. 2 poor sides.If we didnt give away 2 howlers for goals.”

” I still wasn’t that impressed with Sheffield , the league this season is so poor.”

“We made a run of the mill championship side look slightly above run of the mill. They say the league doesn’t lie ….
Ain’t that the truth .”

“Interesting from Sheff Utd boss Heckingbottom post-match, who revealed an image posted on Albion’s social media channels gave the Blades a big Carlos Corberan formation clue ahead of today’s clash.”

“Amazing what lengths Sheff Utd went to try and win today’s game proves Social Media can play into oppositions hands”


By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From West Brom”
  1. Game over after 25 minutes, take Matt Phillips out of their side and they’re mediocre league 1, Favourites for promotion “ you’re havin a laugh”

  2. Witnessing the demise of an institution of the Black country. The sudden collapse of the club comes as no surprise with the owner not bothered about the club, But an even bigger worry is that the club may go to the wall never to return. But thats football West Brom were never big enough to attract a rich owner who cared enough to take the club forward.

  3. This albion side are useless. This is the worst albion side I have seen in seventy years.even the team that loss 13 on the trot a few years ago who make this lot look bad.

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