“Can’t imagine too many of their fans will make the circa 360 mile round trip.Our starting line up will be very interesting, if everyone is fit NP may elect to go with the team that started against Swansea even if others are available following injury / illness.
So for the second time in a few days we are home to the team in fourth place, let’s hope we can put in another solid performance”

“If you look at the recent games lost – QPR, Brum, Reading, Millwall. We’ve been bullied. Stronger, more aggressive players. You’re never getting that with Swansea – but you will with Sheffield Utd (McBurnie etc). So, I’m delighted with today. But at the same time markedly concerned for Tuesday. The question is, can we play like that, against greater physicality! “

“tbh Sheffield weren’t that aggressive against WBA at all they actually played some nice football , thought mcburnie was poor the lad who played up front with him is pretty tricky and has quick feet , nearly all there play goes through Norwood . 
In my eyes it depends on which city turn up .”

“Tuesday night will be a totally different challenge to Saturday and one that i think we will find much harder. “

“markedly concerned for Tuesday”

“I’d be concerned if we have to play the same defence on Tuesday”

“0 points on Tuesday”

“I’d be delighted with even 1 point but I fear we’ll likely get none”
“A single point, given the injuries and bugs within the squad, would be acceptable and three points would be a miracle. I thought we looked good against a poor Swansea performance and they only came back into the match after the subs were made, especially the removal of Wells which I think was a mistake. “

“We do tend to play better against the so called better teams.”

“Can you hear me, Def Leppard bloke and all that other lot?
Your boys took a hell of a beating, your boys took a hell of a beating!
Well, we live in hope. “

“Ahmedhodzic was booked today for the Blades on Saturday and think that’s five yellows – does that rule him out on Tuesday?  “

“Not sure, but it does earn you 732 points in Scrabble. “

“Why did i think this game was Weds? “

“Not sure, they’re in the divsion below. “

“Always preferred United out of the 2 Sheffield clubs. ‘You fill up my senses’ etc etc. “


By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Bristol City”
  1. Bristol City fans a decent lot in my view. Good luck to them for the rest of the season. Not that confident for Utd tonight, WBA away was a stroll. Tonight won’t be.

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