“The better football side by a mile on the night-however the reason they are fourth is they score from one chance all night-us we had many chances however unable to hit the net.After watching the last two games playing 4th and 5th in the league it just shows how poor it is. Any team that can put a run together could be in with a chance.Us we are so inconsistent and that is going to be our downfall come the seasons end.”

“barely gace a sniff to a decent Sheffield United side.”

“I suppose Sheff Utd will think job done. Bottom line, we could not score and then it’s always a possibility. Horrible match to lose that way. Hate the ref, hate Sky, hate Sheff Utd, hate our luck, hate the balls and chances we wasted. “

“Hate to say it but Sheff did a job on us. The officials were poor and inconsistent but this is the exact sort of game where we come up short and it’s happened again.”

“I couldn’t see us winning a game in the way Sheffield United won last night. Play poorly, nick a goal, dog it out”.

“Fact is if I was in goal for Sheffield united tonight it would still be 0-1. Easy night for Wes”

“They bullied us and played the ref and we didn’t. As per. “

“I assume Sheff Utd look exactly like us in our non existent away performances, 3-0 Brum, 2-0 Reading etc. Difference is that I have no doubt they’ll grab a lucky one and defend a 0-1”

“Sheff Utd had one chance really and took it, that’s the only difference”

“the only difference is Sheffield United have taken their one chance (which was offside) and we’ve not taken a single one of our multitude of chances.”

“Sheff Utd were there for the taking. One of those games that just didn’t go our way. Unlucky. “

“A very poor side Sheffield United who are sitting pretty in 3rd place. That’s the Championship for you”

“Sheff Utd were the worst team apart from us I’ve seen in at least 3 seasons. How they won that game and are anywhere near the top of of the league is scandalous. I will enjoy watching them not make anything of this season.”

“Sheffield looked a bottom 4 side not top 4 . Absolutely rubbish team compared to last season”

“this Sheffield United team are dire. **** knows what the fuss is about Norwood aswell, the guy has been bossed over the pitch in the middle.”

“I hope they go up do same as Forrest spending and then going bankrupt…they are a disgrace, a mess of a team. They think a team promote like that ?, Wasting time since min 55.”

“cheating scumbags Sheffield Utd.”

“They are pretty much what Nige said he wants us to be.”

Don’t think so.
I have no issue with running the clock down with the ball in play, but repeatedly faking injury, off the ball fouling, relentless time wasting, nope. “

“it’s a poor night for the officials – 1) offside goal 2) Norwood red. Generally ref lost control and you could see it coming – Sheff Utd very cynical.”

“disgraceful from Norwoods’s point of view and the officials!! Can the League do something retrospectively, because that could have been a career ending foul. To get away with nothing just about sums up the problems teams face with refs/linespeople!! “

“Didn’t get booked. Ref missed it. Yellow was for the chap who dragged Antoine down. I want VAR.”

“Don’t think the intent was there, unlike Tanner’s, but none the less dangerous and probably a red.”

“The ref lost control, like so many do in this league. Both challenges were reds bit of course we get the rough end of all the decisions yet again. The standard of officiating in this league is disgraceful. “

“Loved Tanners tackle!! If he gets the ball there everyone is saying it was great. Slightly misstimed but hard. Loved it. “

“Sheff Utd chap did the same to Conway on the touch line but got the ball and Sky were loving it “

“At this point I’m sure there is a conspiracy against us.
Maybe it goes back to the LJ days when we kept getting letters of apology? Who knows.
But look how long we’ve gone without a penalty. When do we ever score goals that shouldn’t be goals? We are we always having to talk about having horrendous decisions go against us?
This has been going on for years now. There is too much to it now to just say we’ve been unlucky. “

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Bristol City”
  1. Faking injuries? Yous nearly broke mcatees leg, basham went off injured, ndiaye had cramp for the last 20 and continued playing. We were basically down to 9 men for the last 10 minutes. If we’re the worst side you’ve seen then how shit must you be? 14 players out injured and still racing for top 2. I’ll also add that you had the same amount of shots on target as us with double digits off target. Sounds like a skill issue to me

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