“We have all been bigging this up as a tough game, so I went for a look at results and the form table, and they are bottom”

“Burnley and Sheff Utd’s results demonstrate how much we’ve pissed an opportunity up the wall to have opened a gap at the top. Unbelievably we’re playing a side in as bad/even worse form than us on Saturday”

“I thought my Norwich have been bad lately what’s going on with Sheffield united also??”

“At least, unlike Sheff Utd, we have a win in our last five games.”

“Could this be the season’s first 6-pointer?”

“I hope, pray & have everything crossed that we get two huge wins vs Sheff U & Burnley, then we can put this wobble (no longer a blip) behind us & get positive again.”

“Sheff Utd are no big deal, I think us and Burnley will be top 2”.

“United have Sander Berge out until after the World Cup. Easily their best player. “

“There are no standout teams and Sheffield without Berge for the busiest stretch of the season just as Hayden and Dimi come back means that we shouldn’t entirely despair of top two just yet. But a lot of work to be done in every department at the moment.”

“Lots to be concerned about , but Burnley, Sheff Utd and Watford all failed to win this week… The league is wide open this year and it’s still very early days.”

“I’m worried about whether we’ll be in the top 6 in three games time, yet alone top 2.”

“I think we’ll be lucky to be in the top 6 in three weeks time.”

“We’re still behind Sheff Utd who have 1 pt in 9. We should have been about 6 pts clear of everyone now”

“4 points above 11th with a run of Luton, Sheffield United and Burnley isn’t a great place to find ourselves a quarter of the way through the season really is it. “

“By my reckoning we should have at least a net 4pts less than we currently do with Sheff Utd and Burnley to come. My expectation is to draw one of those and lose the other.”

“if results go the right way, we could drop to 10th when the dust settles of the next round. That would surely be enough to pull the trigger on Smith. Or is Webber still waiting by the phone for a call (that isn’t coming) from Chelsea? “

“Looking at the run of fixtures ahead of us, I just don’t see how this team can maintain a top six place, let alone push back towards the top two.
Of course, if they leave Smith in charge and he gets results away to Sheffield United and Burnley, we may need to reconsider… but the odds on that happening are pretty long based on what I’ve witnessed in recent weeks. “

“Sheffield’s stumble over the last couple of weeks may well have saved Smith his job.
Wonder if that’ll be the case when they batter us on the weekend.”

“They were pretty crap against 9 man Blackpool. I will be bitterly disappointed if we can’t get at least a point there.”

“Sheffield united been playing shit lately guess what along come Norwich watch them be Barcelona”

“1 win in the last 6, with Sheffield United away next..
No game plan, no set style of play, no hope.
Times up for Dean Smith in my opinion.”

“Can’t see us winning”

“I can’t see past a win for Sheff Utd sadly”

“So realistically, we lose away at Sheff Utd and away at Burnley. That’s 5 losses in a row.”

“Sheff U and Burnley will roll us easily”

“be amazed if we pick up anything against sheffield united and burnley”

By Roy

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