“Berge, Bogle and Foderingham missing for them, we can definitely get something out of this and hope Saturdays result breeds confidence.”

“I feel like we’re a relatively solid side now , I fancy us to win this”

“Can see a comfortable 3-0 win here”

“I think we can do these.”

“No reason why we can’t beat this lot”

“They threw away a 2-0 lead today and salvaged a point in the 98th minute.
A point wouldn’t be too bad, but fancy a 2-1 win”

“Good time to play Sheff U with the goals they shipped today and the reds.”

“I’m really quietly confident for this! I think we can nick a win
they’ve some front line to be fair Sheff Utd, N’Diaye is some player, Sharp always scores against us and McBurnie seems to have pulled his finger out this season! Probably the biggest test of our defensive renaissance so far”

“Confident we’ll sneak a win and we’ll see a good game to boot.
Either way atmosphere to be fantastic.”

“Pressure seems to have dropped a little after 3 points on Saturday and their form is patch after a great start.
I see a point here which would take us off bottom if Huddersfield lose.
Should be a great atmosphere either way.”

“Take a draw but a win rly will get a proper buzz going around us again”

“Would take a point.”

“Lack of goals across the pitch is a concern for me still. We’ll probably have to outscore them rather than do our 1-0 special. Not sure we’re up to that.”

“we need to score more than one goal (which is a large posibility against a team like Sheff Utd) then I’m not sure I see where that’s coming from.”

“Last season we picked them off on the counter again and again. Could probably do the same this time but will need to be much more clinical than we have been so far.”

“I do love our fans. On another thread we have people still acting as though we are in an inescapable pit, whilst when we are due to face the joint leaders in the division (whilst sitting bottom) others are predicting a 2-0 victory. Never the twain shall meet!”

“Sheffield are a proper dirty dark arts team. We need to make sure we are not sucked in to there tactics”

“Sheffield U are also a team very likely to use tactics that will rile Hamer and get him into trouble.”

“Sheff Utd are probably near the top of the list for sides that will know exactly what to do to wind him up and cause him to lash out.”

“Need a strong referee for this one”

“Dirty northern bastards is a well used phrase to describe them”

“I can’t stand Sheffield United or the fans , utter utter shithouse of a club and wankers who support them”

“I cannot stand that lot and hope we absolutely thump them, in all my years watching football the most arrogant fanbase with the biggest chip on their shoulder I’ve ever seen
However would take a point”

By Roy

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