“Cheeky away win at the league leaders anyone?”

“My crystal ball tells me it will be a win, on the road, for the Pool. “

“A repeat of last year would be nice”

“we can surely beat them Can’t believe they are where they are in the league”

“A good solid win for the Seasiders against a team who are in a false position in the league.”

“Don’t know if Sheffield are in a false position but if we can build on the Watford second half, we might be.”

“So looking forward to going this game on Saturday. We’re bringing three points home and a smile”

“I am feeling strangely confident…..hopefully a repeat of last seasons result.”

“Again the sort of game that we inexplicably win (like last season).
Drubbed by Rotherham – batter Watford then the Blades”

“If we start on the front foot and be positive why not ( we beat Watford and held are own really against Norwich) be negative and they could take us apart if we invite pressure. Nothing to lose as nobody expects us to get anything so go for it”

“their form has dipped whilst ours has improved.”

“they were a good side last season, particularly going forward. played at pace, lots of movement in the midfield and in the front line. it doesn’t surprise me that they are up at the top. However it seems that when they came up against a well organised defence as against us in the game in Sheffield they didn’t have much of a plan B, which i think made them a bit inconsistent. I thought they were a better side than Bournemouth last year (even though the table said otherwise).
They’ve had a couple of bad results and will want to come out all guns blazing, there is going to be close on 30,000 people there and what i remember the fans are twitchy. They have the second leanest defence so far, but again from what i remember they have a tendency to dick about in their own half, susceptible to the press. Can we be organised defensively from the off and play with the kind of intensity and energy that we played with in the last 25 on Saturday????? “

“They are one of the better teams but are no doubt going through a sticky patch. We have nothing to lose but must try to stay positive and not sit too deep as we did in the 1st half against Watford. Their fans will probably see us as an easy touch so a good start could see them getting a little twitchy.”

“Bad time think they’ve lost 2 on the trot can almost be sure they wont lose a third
Be obviously hoping they will”

“Despite them being quality and most definitely owing us one after last seasons smash and grab I’m quite looking forward to it.
They’re missing a few key players like ourselves so could be a leveller. Genuinely think we’ve played quite well the last three games. Optimistic about picking up a point minimum. How’s ticket sales going? Last season was probably my favourite away game as far as result and atmosphere goes”

“A Sheffield Utd fan I sometimes walk with texted me this
We’re in an injury crisis with 8 first team defenders and 3 midfielders out before today’s game. Each week injuries have got worse so it’s a makeshift team in place now. You are playing us at a good time. Are you going to the game next week?
One point in three games since the international break.
It seems that I’m not the only team with an injury crisis”

“They aren’t in great form right now and tbh we were unlucky to miss out on boro with the cancellation when they were really struggling, maybe they still are somewhat, so about time we get some when they’re not fully at it.
Either way tough game but we’ve shown some class and go there in full confidence.”

“We’ve had 8/9 players out most of this season too”

“It’s weird this. Lot’s of teams are struggling with injuries.”

By Roy

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