“Well, an unexpected win”

“Excellent result, didn’t see that coming!”

“Good result today.
Well done and well played lads.
Just shows what potential this squad has in it.”

“A Fine performance first half and we toughed it out in the second. “

“Enjoyed that”

“Brilliant win.”

“More like it Stoke. If we can have that every week we will climb the league”

“Play well, you can beat anyone. Not just about how many 100m stars you have on the bench to bring on.”

“I haven’t felt this positive about this team is a long damn time. Excellent effort today. Let’s keep it going.”

“We’ve got our stoke back”

“best we’ve played in years”

“Best Ive seen us play for a long time because I think they are a decent side.
We also toughed it out when we needed to and we showed there is talent in this team.”

“we’ve just deservedly beaten a team who will one hundred percent be up there come the end of the season comfortably three one.”

“Great result and much improved performance but a long way still to go.”

“That was surprisingly easy they were really poor”

“I mean we have also had an injury crisis and are still without our 4 best players but that hasn’t been mentioned once”

“We had 4 players out too”

By Roy

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