“Wouldn’t surprise me if we beat Sheffield United at the weekend.”

“Saturday is pretty big. Could be mid table and breathing down on the play offs, (which you’d have to take bearing in mind the shit recruitment, change of manager and injuries) or almost certainly bottom three if we lose and all the pressure that comes with that.
Mad league. “

“They have Baldock and Berge injured and McBurnie suspended after yesterday’s game so a good time to play them it seems.”

“By default a poor Sheffield United and Norwich will occupy the automatic places but the the play-off positions are up for grabs
Usually a promoted team has an outstanding goalscorer, capable of scoring lots of goals at this level, so far there has been no such player.”

“On the evidence so far Sheffield Utd who did well enough last season but didn’t get over the line and Norwich perpetual Yo-Yos seem well ahead of the rest. I wouldn’t fancy their prospects of staying up if they manage it”

“I just expect a close defeat Saturday and then move back into our own league and level”

“Well we’re 20th in this ‘bizarre’ league at just past the quarter of the way through stage.
The better teams, Sheffield United and Norwich for example, have twice as many points as us.
Simplistically we’re rubbish.”

“Saturday is important for the reasons stated but more that the fans are surely ‘owed’ one surely?
We have genuinely been terrible in 80% of our home games this season”

“If we’re serious about any type of progression this season we’ve got to get back to making the Bet365 a tougher place for opponents to visit.We’ve only taken 5 points so far out of the 15 available compared to 8 points away although having played 2 more games.
Wins at home have been rare for a while and convincing one’s even less so.I get sick of walking out at full time listening to away fans celebrating most weeks.”

“our home games are quite an ordeal even for the most dedicated supporter.
The ground is half empty at the start and completely empty 15 minutes from the end if we are behind.
Some people take it all with a darkening mood of seething discontent and others just fix an inane grin on their face and roll with the punches. There is no right way to do it.
Frankly it’s more suffering that living should allow! “

“6 wins from the last 22 home games since this time last year and the post-West Brom collapse (6 wins, 6 draws, 10 losses)
Amazing really.”

“I still believe it’s the toxic atmosphere, the players shit themselves every home game because the fans are instantly on their backs.”

“The first goal at home is massive for me,it gets the crowd going/behind the team and forces the opposition out”

“we don’t have the players for a high press by the sounds of it. He’s absolutely right. Expose this defense and keeper and we’ll keep conceding goals.”

“It’s a crazy league. No outstanding team at all”

“the quality isn’t that great and most teams are mediocre with only microscopic differences between them.”

“whoever puts a good run together last third of the season has a chance of going up”

“Any league in which Paul Ince has the relegation favourites sitting in 3rd after a dozen games can’t be taken seriously.”

“Our injuries are killing us. “

“Injuries remains our biggest achilles heel, for two seasons now we’ve had too many players unable to put a run of games together and this breeds inconsistency. Here’s hoping we get a settled team some time soon”

By Roy

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