“This was a smash and grab win”

“Fantastic 3 points, rode our luck a bit first half. “

“Sheff Utd 65% possession
21-10 shots
9-3 corners
Great save by Senny. Rode our luck at times. Good defensive fighting performance. “

“It’s a long time since I’ve seen us win ugly like that. You wouldn’t want to see us play like that every game but nice to know we can dig out a result when needed. Well deserved win and made the top of the league side look very ordinary. “

“Game of two halves
I thought we paid them to much respect in the 1st half but Beale must have told them to get out there and get at them, we throughly deserved that “

“They were the better side first half but we always posed a threat and were so well organised at the back, it was really only long range shots all night.”

“They had six or seven shots in the box in the first half and were the better team in that half, I thought. That’s not to say we were poor, as we were dangerous too, but I thought they were better again.
I thought we dominated the third quarter before retreating to hold what we had for the fourth quarter.
Admirable performance, but I think ‘great’ would be pushing it. “

“We deserved to win after that brilliant performance – a defensive masterclass.”

“Despite conceding possession I felt QPR were value for the win as they had the better chances and, on another day, could have scored 2 or 3. Instead, we were left biting our nails, but the lads came through. Shout out to the brave souls who made the trip.”

“We weren’t great with the ball but we didn’t need to be because there was a blue and white barricade Sheff Utd could not breech”

“Think we have played much better overall, but that was the best defensive display I have seen for a while.
Everything headed away or blocked bar 25 plus yards. Seny with only one hard save to make from Norwood 30 yarder.”

“United looked as if they ran out of ideas by the 70th minute. One big Dieng save and that was it.”

“I was nervous as hell those final 20 minutes but to be fair the blades hardly had a clear cut chance. “

“So well organised. They know what they’re doing, and have some bite and desire too. Well done the team and the manager. Great result. “

“I thought they controlled the game from start to finish..
Superb defending and counter attacking.
They never seemed to panic at any time..
Great goal from Willy.
Sheff were resorting to the long ball out of desperation never really looked a threat”

“Solid performance. We look the real deal.
or should i say…. the Beale deal. “

“I’m never quite sure about the phrase ‘statement win’, but if it’s a thing, that was surely it! Blades top of the table, unbeaten at home for 20 odd games, conceded 1 goal at Brammall Lane in the last 5, but we go and do it while Willockless for the last 30. (Please be well, Chrissy.) They had lots of possession 2nd half, but it was mostly off-target strikes from distance when they tried to pull the trigger (21 goal attempts but only 5 on target), and their pen appeal was six of one and half a dozen off the other. I think we deserved it on all counts – guile. grit, grip and grout.”

“Heart in mouth job that one….. reverse the roles I’d be somewhat piffed if not awarded to us.
Bit of a shirt grapple off but personally I think Dozzell quite lucky there.
Senny would’ve saved it anyway but looked a pen for me “

“I thought so live, but on the replay they were clearly both holding each other’s shirts.”

“if given it would have been soft…… but Dozzell by doing it was giving the ref a decision to make…….. the lad was heading nowhere so for me it was a risky thing to do”

“No chance. Both players were tugging each other’s shirt and Dozzell lets go a nano-second before their player hits the deck. When he realised that he was running out of real estate he fell in the opposite direction to which his shirt was being pulled so clearly a dive. “

“Tell tale sign was that Berge didn’t even bother to get up and remonstrance. Never a pen.”

“never a pen imo, both pulling each other shirts and no way should a man the size of him get pulled down by Dozzell”

“A desperate dive by a desperate player given the short shrift by the ref that it deserved.”

“well done ref and lino.”

By Roy

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