“Should be a proper test. They are top and doing reasonably well.
Don’t think a win is out the question but a draw would be a great point.”

“Massive week this week, playing 2 teams above us,in form, I am optimistic and seeing 4 points here, Draw away at the Blades and a narrow win against the Fakes at home on Friday, I don’t think that’s an over optimistic view. “

“4 points would be great result, see no reason we can’t do it. On good run, players in form, returning to training.”

“They’ve scored the joint highest number of goals in the Championship. Whereas we’ve conceded the third highest number of goals in the top ten teams and twice as many as Sheffield United.
Having said that we’ve got more players back and are a more potent striking force than at the beginning of the season. A match fit Paal and Laird have made us much more difficult to play against.
The question may be how Beale will deal with the almost certain high press and physicality of United. As an indication, they’ve had 27 bookings, the second highest in the league, compared with our 16. “

“Sheffield United have only conceded 1 in 5 games I think, so tomorrow has got 0-0 written all over it, which I’d be delighted with.”

“Think we’d all take a point from this one.”

“I’d take a point.”

“I’ll take 3 as always. One of the things I do like about Beale is he goes the way we must go, for 3.”

“If we want promotion we really need 3 points to close the gap to the top”

“The International break doesn’t seem to have done them any favours. Three away wins before the break and then a home draw against Brum after.
Maybe it will be a good time to go there (alternatively they will be looking for a reaction after expecting to win against Brum).
Should definitely go for the three and see what this team can do against the league leaders.
Be great to see our defence have a solid game against the other top scorers in the Championship.”

“Lots of noise coming outta their camp saying that they are gonna smash us cos they only drew with Brum.
Beale says bring em on !
Love it if we could shut them up !! “

“I think Sheffield will be taking us very seriously but I think we will win”

“With the Micky Beale Revolution in full flight, l think this will be water off a ducks back.
Sheff 0 – QPR 2
Footnote- This post was written with all fingers, legs, toes & arms, crossed. Please don’t ask me to get up & get a coldie from the bar fridge!”

“The most encouraging part of the Bristol City game for me, was how positive we were. We got the ball forward as quickly as possible and whoever had the ball seemed to have runners giving them options, or creating space for others. It seemed a really positive display. We are certainly going to need to keep that going, and even up the level a bit, as we face tougher opposition on Tuesday night.
Just a final observation. Surely it must go against us that we have travelled to Bristol and back on Saturday, and then head to Sheffield on Tuesday night, whilst they have two home games in a row. I know these things level out over the course of a whole season, but it must cause extra fatigue for our squad.”

“I think Mick wants to use the squad when matches are coming thick and fast. He has admitted in the past that it was a mistake to field he same team when matches are coming in quick succession.”

“Shame this is coming so soon after the Bristol game, I hope our boys legs aren’t shot from the exertions of that game. We desperately need Paal fit to play and Salter would be handy too. Think Dykes might start this game and possibly Amos too. Gonna be seriously tough and the midfield battle will be key, here’s hoping for another Willock masterclass and Beale has the savvy to turn the whippet breeders over !”

“Given the quick turnaround from Saturday, I’d be very happy to come away unbeaten.
Not at all convinced we will. “

“Lets give Prince Abdullah a QPR welcome”

“Hopefully they’re thinking what a decent side we are more than we’re thinking by heck it t’sheffied utd…”.

**** off Tykes, your nosebleed altitude won’t last.*
Point please Mickey……..I actually really like Sheffield, some great pubs (Wards is a lovely pint though it hasn’t been brewed in Sheff for decades), and really nice bits of the city. But the ‘seven hills just like Rome’ makes me laugh almost as much as ‘more miles of canal in Brum than Venice’ ( and many more prams and shopping trolleys in them too). “

By Roy

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