“toughest game of the season gone.”

“We were utterly and completely pummeled there. Lost every single individual battle other than Benson. There was a level of complacency it felt like. I thought SU were excellent today though and were well worth that win. Great watch in terms of the scrap. They had 28 shots so you can’t just blame the keeper. He did make some decent saves but in terms of commanding his area Muric is as weak as a wet bag of ****. Today was a day for Mcnally. We needed a big unit. McBurney isn’t the best but he bossed us left , right and centre. Bad day at the office”

“Sheff. Utd exploited our weak spot but you could also, at the same time
argue that our defence didn’t provide enough cover or get sufficient
challenges in.
We were clearly overrun especially in the second half and the stats
don’t lie. Utd had 28 shots/attempts with 12 on target with 5 going in.
We had 14 with 4 on target and 2 going in.”

“Think it is fair to say that this nightmarish performance has been thoroughly induced by the intensity of Sheffield in the second half. Sometimes just have to say that the opponent was better otherwise this would be happening every week. While our defence has always been a little suspect it is forunate that there are few sides as good as them in the league”

“Steamrollered in that second half”

“The second half was essentially me vs my nephew on FIFA last Boxing Day. I hadn’t ever played it and was on my second bottle of red.”

“Absolutely battered that second half and to be fair a defeats been on the cards with some of the recent late show comebacks.
The two positives I can see is that one at least its wasnt the bast*rds we were playing and two we know Sheff Utd are the best team in the division and gonna win the league so they aren’t really a promotion rival like Norwich are”

“We’ve learnt that when the better teams bully us we fall apart. Lesser teams won’t take advantage as much as Sheff Utd did, which is good. However, we must learn from this, and I am sure we will.”

“Tbh, credit to Sheff utd management. They created the perfect blueprint to beat us! Hopefully he doesn’t pass it on to the other championship managers!”

“Rough day at the office against a big strong team away from home.”

“Bullied us. Had a good game plan and exposed our weaknesses”

“bullied all over the pitch”

“We lost every battle 2nd half. Yeah there’s an offside and the 4th is a bit dubious but every 50 50 we have lost.
We struggle in the air in the box and Sheffiekd have exploited that ruthlessly”

“the Blades sniffed a real weakness and have exploited superbly.”

“Without being overtly negative, we were gifted 2 goals as well. Shocking.”

“Poor defending. Poor keeping. Out muscled. That’s it in a nutshell.”

“And that was the difference between pretenders and a team who will go up.”

“I still think it’s a game we could have won, but 2nd half exploited every weakness we have. They went for it, and all we did was watch. When you do that you deserve nothing.”

“After they equalised they went for it and we lost every single battle everywhere on the pitch. “

“VK got the line up wrong and we were well beaten . “

“20 games in and only one side has outfought out battled and outplayed us”

“Bit of a wake up call this, we haven’t turned up today….bullied all over the pitch, I’m sure VK will have the right words ready for them”

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s a wake up call.
We’ve looked leaky most games and have been relying on come backs/late goals in the last few. We’re very decent for this league but not great (yet) and big athletic teams will do us, unfortunately.”

“No excuses from here , poor defence and GK been waiting for it to happen , we can’t rely on our forwards to get us out of trouble.”

“Sheffield Utd do a Burnley 2020 on us ,roughed us up ,& found our weak spot,the video of this game will be shown in every championship dressing room,don’t care how many goals Muric creates ,he’s pants on corners ,and long throws ,needs replacing in the window because it’s not just a one off.”

“Clearly out muscled by an experienced and big side.”

“they have bullied us and made us look ordinary today.”

“We’ve a big lesson to learn from this – the players and probably VK too. We’ve been suckered by a half decent, physical, typical championship side. That’s not a criticism of Sheffield United, it’s what a lot of team in this division are like and we’ve struggled to deal with it.”

“These lot are a big physical bunch”

“That was a performance like Burnley in there championship winning season – Sheff Utd just profiting from set pieces and long throws. Not out played Burnley but physically bullied us! Burnley couldn’t cope with the big physical Sheff utd team – all the goals came from set pieces or long throws. Nothing wrong with that, but not how Burnley are set up anymore”

“Sheffield United played really well but I don’t think they changed tactics for us. They always have long throws with Robinson. They would have kept up with those even if Muric claimed each one.”

“Why do you think they just resorted to putting balls in the box then? Did Sheff Utd have any other tactics first half? If you have a keeper who comes and takes all those first half long-throws and corners, commands his box and gives confidence to those in front then Sheff Utd stop that tactic and realise they need another way!!”

“They bullied the game and also cheated pulling shirts and blocking Muric”

“let’s not forget McBurnie should have been off for elbowing Beyer in the head too.”

“Their goal came from a corner that want a corner and that last goal was offside”

“Expect no protection from refs especially against clogging teams like the Blades”

“They weren’t cloggers at all
They were big strong and athletic – what Sean would call effective football
Don’t think anyone else in this division is equipped to exploit our weaknesses to that extent”

“I thought we played really well in the first half. Utd we’re a lot more physical in the 2nd half and we didn’t have the players to (on the pitch) cope with that”

“Not sure how any idiot can say that Sheff U are the best team in the league when they are not even top, got gifted a corner for the first goal got another goal that was miles offside and were playing a team that had a quicker turnaround and ran out of steam in the second half. Sheff U had a 6 game run without winning that ended last Saturday. They are not all that and just managed to prey on the weakness of inexperienced players who ran out of steam after playing every 2/3 days.”

“We generally get a doing at Bramall Lane it’s just one of those grounds where we don’t fare well for some reason.”

“Bramall Lane is my least favourite ground, even though it’s excellent.
The atmosphere gets on top of you, we always seem to lose and it’s generally a fixture I dread.”

“Their fans were silent first half. Unfortunately we allowed them back in straight away in the second half and from there it was an uphill battle with their fans well up for it.”

“their fans make a massive difference. It’s a very tight and intimidating ground.”

” normally enjoy going, proper, traditional ground with train station and plenty of pubs close by.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Burnley”
  1. Two quality teams providing great entertainment. Burnley were Dangerous from start to finish as were we. Entertainment at it’s best.

  2. Burnley will be up there at the end of the season play offs, I thought the Burnley keeper made some great saves could have been 8

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