“It’s a sell out from us They’ll be wanting that top spot We have injuries left right and centre Footballs a funny old game so expect a draw at least, we won’t get hammered”

“It’s a sell out from us They’ll be wanting that top spot We have injuries left right and centre Footballs a funny old game so expect a draw at least, we won’t get hammered”

“Can see us getting a result on Tuesday! Taylor’s influence on the team is really starting to shine through!”

“Gutted about the result on Saturday but the last 2 performances have shown we belong in this league, the officiating has been shambolic but let’s not let it overshadow how good we have been.”

“We have been robbed in the last 2 games by refs”

” The standard of refs in the English leagues has dropped ten fold.
Ours is one of the only leagues in Europe where we have gutless refs who side with the big boys because they’re scared to upset high profile players and managers.”

“Hold our heads high going into Tuesday, 2 quality performances overshadowed by poor officiating. 2 massive games before the WC, we need atleast 3 points”

“All the luck is against us. Playing some really nice football but nothing is going right”

“Arw we gonna be able to field a team Tuesday?”

“If chios right he has to play, midfield seems OK to go and brammall is back humphries should be good to go, I think our starting 11 might cut it but I’m dreading second half with subs available to us.”

“I thought we’d get thumped at burnley and we shocked them, slightly more concerned for tomorrow as most of our starting 11 are out with no real striker fit. Might be a tough one but…”

“It will be a massive surprise if it’s a draw! I’m going 3-0…….and that’s only half time. I’m going for a straight 5-0 win not because we’re pants, were far from that but the injury list for us is far too much to deal with what they have to offer at the moment. “

“Reyt laugh us sending united to top on Tuesday when they stick 4 past us”

“I fear the worst”

“Play a few kids and fringe players, keep the key players for Luton, I think we can get something there not sure we will get anything at Sheff United even with a first 11. It is a gamble and i am sure MT won’t do it, but they could beat us 6-0 tomorrow if we went and grabbed a 1-0 win on Saturday”

“I was thinking same save certain players for the Luton game but we have sold out the away end so those fans will want to see the strongest side we can put out.”

“Too many games crammed in and we’re suffering from that through no fault of our own. Sheff U rearranged and Coventry pitch at the start of the season. Players out on their feet”

“Whoever plays the back three (or four) have to win the high ball into the box
Sheff Utd get a lot of goals from second ball situations. “

“for me under Taylor weve looked good on the ball but not so good defensively.”

“We’ve looked decent in most games this season, we’re just a bit light on numbers. Two or three championship quality players in January should see us about right I hope”

“Rotherham and Sheff U fans singing ‘we hate Wednesday’ together in the pubs tomorrow”


By Roy

4 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Rotherham”
  1. I’ve always liked the Millers and their new manager speaks well. Seems they have a load of injuries and will benefit from the World Cup Break. I wish them well after tonight. Our Manager and Assistants are doing an amazing job and deserve results tonight and Saturday too. The players just love playing for them. Absolutely superb. WWF.

  2. I was gutted for ourselves and the Millers at Burnley. What was all that added time for? Good luck after tonight. UTB

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