“I really don’t know what all the fuss was about? After the way we’ve been playing lately, being down to a bare bones squad, going to a local rival vying for top spot in the league and in front of 30,000 of their fans there was always only going to be one result I think the term ‘massive win’ might actually be understated.”

“Well I’m not shocked I expected something and where else but another Sheffield scalp”

“What result! To go there with a depleted squad and come away with our first win at the lane since 1980 is immense!”

“What a brilliant result for the Millers tonight at Bramall Lane, a all round team performance,
from a injury hit squad.”

“Result of the season, so far.”

“What a fantastic, resolute performance from a team that had so much self-discipline and structure to their play in the second half.”

“We limited Sheff U to very few chances.”

“We would have taken 3 draws against Burnley, Norwich and United. Magnificent result tonight. Blades fans very complimentary on their board.”

“We really took it to them from the off and naturally we tired in the second having played the top three in our last three games.”

“It’s always going to be hard but now we’re competing with the teams above us and tonight we’ve completed a round robin with Burnley, Sheffield United and us and all got 3 points and 3 marvellous games to boot.”

“Absolutely brilliant, we can play football and it is great to see Rotherham players passing a ball on the ground and moving it around like we did at times. Every single player gave 100% and more, a bit of luck with the Blades not being at their best, the Burnley match must have hit them hard”

“Played a high line all game. They said we would park the bus”.

“McBirdie was a p.ussy against Wes, who had him in his pocket all night. “

“I think we’d rather have Mc* than Eaves though”

“We got tired in the last 20 minutes but that was always going to happen after such a hard few weeks.”

“how was that not a penalty at the end of the first half, shocking decision and another 7 mins injury time played in both halves “

“The referee bottled it on the penalty decision, it was a definite penalty, but we are used to
bad decisions from officials.”

“Really didn’t expect to go through the second half with no more yellows.
To be fair, I think the ref got better in the second half.”

“Honestly with the moronic ref in first half I was expecting red cards coming out and a loss but I think someone might have shown him he got it wrong (you can say all you like it’s a pen all day long)”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Rotherham”
  1. Millers deserved to win. Yes, it should have been a penalty. I say that as an ex referee. Bad day with too many mistakes. Need to get back to form at Cardiff. UTB

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