“The bad news is , we are very beatable also !”

“we need something out of the game.”

“my worry is that they’ll be chomping at the bit for that (Losing to Rotherham) not to happen again on saturday. We should be too, particularly with 3 (hopefully) of our best players back.”

“Prediction? Mmmmm unpredictable result even him above doesn’t know who will win they lost to rotherham at home”

“Rotherham were probably the worst team that have come to the CCS this season but fair play to them – they know how to turn up for a local derby.”

“Also Rotherham can defend corners and Sheffield utd have scored a lot of goals from corner or within that particular passage of play straight after it”

“We will be lucky to get 3 shots on target vs them tbh as they will pass the ball about us”

“I see nothing but defeat sadly.”

“Its completely our style to now beat them!!
Consistency seems to be what we struggle with.
We’ve produced some brilliant displays (even when we mightve drawn but should have won) but these are usually followed by a woeful performance!!”

“Game on Tuesday summed up our season so far, good in patches but far too inconsistent. “

“my beef with Hudson is he sets up team really well one game gets good result playing a pressing game then next game hes ok let’s not lose after our great result last game result is poor performances like Tuesday.. he should have concentrated on playing tactics that got him results not on tactics that may get a result if lucky.. this shows his inexperience at managing tactics for games”

“Momentum we had it’s just back to square one for umpteenth time this season”

“I think we were missing three key players on Tuesday,wintle in the middle instead of sawyers,kipre at the back we look more solid with him there,and our most attacking player lately philogene,instead of ojo,hopefully all back on Saturday.”

“Here’s a tip – start playing in the 1st half. You’re welcome.”

“We’ve gone from having big players at set pieces to having midgets.”

“Let us all hope and prayer that mcburnie does not get badly injured”

“Only 1 more game to suffer before world cup”

By Roy

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