“One of the toughest away matches of the season await Lamouchi’s Bluebirds this weekend and with a host of injured and under-performing players in the squad, fans are not expecting the points tally to increase at Bramall Lane.”

“we will lose”

“My first away match of the season. I’ve never been to Bramhall Lane before. I’m not looking forward to it.”

“3,4 – 0 defeat incoming.”

“5-0 hammering”

“See nothing but a hiding sadly.”

“No matter how much huff and puff our team decide to give, I can’t see us keeping out the Sheffield attack for 90 minutes.
A minimum of 2-0 defeat. “

“Don’t want to be negative but can anyone see us beating Sheffield Utd”

“This game I feel is a loss before we’ve even started it. a point or three and I’ll be celebrating like we’ve just made it through to a cup final!”

“Sadly this is a guaranteed defeat. Not because its Sheffield Utd (they’re not amazing) we simply have no character or guts to pull off a shock. All I want to see is that we keep defeat to one goal and limit any injuries. 1 v 0 will be a good result. Goal difference could save us on the last day. Really sad this is now the grim reality of following City.”

“I think we will lose, but so will Reading and QPR. It’s not over yet.”

“Hope I am wrong but with Sheffield United’s physical style I can’t see anything but a comprehensive defeat.”

“They’re just the type of team we struggle badly against though. Especially up there.”

“Billy Sharp is on 249 league goals. He hasn’t scored in a Championship game since mid-December. Ominous.”

“Interesting that some think we’re due a hammering, yet we’ve only lost by 3 or more once in the league all season.”

“I’m scared thinking about this tie.
But then years of supporting City tells me we could surprise everyone and get a win.”

“I’d be more worried if it was a home game.”

“we did alright against them earlier in the season.”

“In many ways this is a free hit.
Just go out, give your all, and absolutely anything from it will be more than welcome. If somebody could nut that tosser McBurnie and not get banned all the better.”

“Early goal for us, Rourke’s Drift defending to secure the win with Ng and McBurnie being sent off.”

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we beat them and Luton Town overtook them into Automatic Promotion.”

“When was the last time we beat a team we had no right beating really? This has all the hallmarks of a trampy 1-0 win for us.”

“Last time I went….April 1971…weeknight game….full of hope….promotion clash. In typical City fashion we bottled it and lost 5-1. They went on from that to promotion…
Table ended up: After 42 matches, the final outcome was; Leicester 59 pts, Sheff Utd 56pts, Cardiff 53pts. 2 points for a win in those days.”

“Remember it well. Went up on the train from Cardiff, a special I believe. It was like a morgue on the way back. Sheff Utd had six shots and scored with five of them.”

By Roy

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