“Well Friday was incredible, like the whole season. However, there is still business to attend to. Like VK, I want revenge on SU, which was the one poor tactical decision he’s made all season.
We need at least 5 six foot outfield players in the starting 11 on Monday.”

“Post match VK seemed to suggest he was definitely wanting to right the game at Bramall Lane from earlier in the season. We’ll be at it on Monday as these boys put that to bed and hunt down the title. Beat Sheff Utd and we could be champions at Reading…”

“Think there will be changes Monday. The team from Friday night are probably still out.”

“We’re not done yet: go strong every single game!”

“VK will want to break as many records as we can, we will go as strong as we have all season until the final whistle against Cardiff, he won’t allow anything less.”

“I’m sure the less open play of recent weeks has had much to do with the pressure of getting past the finish line. Most of this squad have never won anything at 1st team level so it will have played on their minds to a certain degree.
Even so, some of our play this last month or so has been scintillating and I think we will see more spells of that from now on.”

“SU will put high balls into the Burnley box, it worked for them last time and in the U21 game a couple of weeks ago. A centre half good in the air is a necessity”

“Same team as Friday as long as Zaroury is okay and possibly THB in for Al-Dakhil.”

“Have you forgotten what happened at their place?Last night’s team is not tall enough to deal with what we all know will happen on Monday. As an absolute minimum Cork has to play.”

“That was a one off. People forget we were the better team in the first half. Now we have Muric dominating his area more and Bashley to help out. I don’t think Cork will play as we play on the front foot more with JBG (who was excellent last night).”

“Trouble is you can’t cut out Robinson’s massive throws put at source unless we don’t five any throw ins away anywhere near our penalty area. Ditto corners.”

“Are they bigger and more direct than Luton? Were there any other factors in our defeat at Bramall Lane? How have we done against teams since Sheff U gave the blueprint of how to beat us to the rest of the division?”

“we’re not going to throw out the way we play to accommodate Sheff U and their threats. Better to cut them off at source by imposing our strengths on them, whilst making the odd minor concession to their strengths.
That might well include playing Cork as an extra defensive screen. Barnes will also start, which adds physicality compared to the team at Bramall Lane. But that’s sufficient. Apart from anything else, Muric and Beyer in particular are much better equipped for the challenge now.”

“Some real pish on here about height.
We are a far better side than Sheff Utd. The idea is to score more goals that them rather than revert to some form of Pulis ball.”

“Being a little concerned about the only way in which Sheff could get a result doesn’t not equal to ‘pish about height’
Even City when they used to come to the Turf would put a big lad in holding mid every time to stop us from playing – Mourinho did it famously the first time as United Gaffer with Fellaini then Matic literally doubling up with any centre half to stop our out ball.
It’s all well and good playing your natural game which we of course should, but if you have one centre half that’s clearly better aerially than the rest against a side that love to launch the ball into the box then you should probably play him.”

“We’ve toughened up since they out muscled us at their place.
We’re better than them & VK will want us to prove it.
Whatever ths team is, we’ll be after them.”

“No Brownhill in the game at Bramhall Lane – we have the physicality to cope with United this time without sacrificing our usual game plan”

“Certainly Barnes in to let Egan and Bakdrick know they’re in a game. A tough one.”

“They got away with it second half at theirs, it won’t happen again. They aren’t really the biggest of sides;Sharp, Ndiaye, McAtee, Norwood. Their advantage was from deadballs when they sent Egan & him with the scrabble name up alongside McBurnie. VK will have us organised for it this time and THB will start.”

“Stop worrying about Sheffield United, we are much better than them, if we play well we will stuff them.”

“Hopefully it’ll not be played like an end of season game considering we can’t be caught by Sheffield United and they are guaranteed to get promoted.
Hopefully they’ll have one eye on their game at Wembley”

By Roy

8 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Burnley”
  1. Wow. The one team who gave you a deserved hiding. We didn’t have Doyle or McAtee playing at all that day either. Deserve massive credit for your season,show a little humility that you were beaten by a better side. Your goals were both mistakes by Robinson that day. Could have been 7 or 8. We’ve better individuals,not as consistent obviously. Can’t think of one of your starting eleven,except perhaps brownhill who gets in our starting eleven. Anyway congratulations,here’s to a blades double,1-0,McBurnie,you heard it here first

  2. Burnley have been the best team for consistency in the championship this year and massive credit to them in the way they have got their promotion. But they are living in cuckoo land if they believe we only play the long ball. Have another watch of the game at the Lane and see how they were outplayed. I know they aren’t used to losing but a little bit of credit to the side who outplayed and bullied them wouldn’t go amiss.

  3. Only perhaps 1 player who makes it in the Sheffield 11 from Burnley, nonsense.

    I’ve seen some pish in my time.
    Burnley easily the best side in the league.

  4. Burnley 0 Blades 2 Mc Burnie and Ndiaye Burnley by their comments are shitting themselves , great!

  5. as a blade WELL DONE Burnley you deserve the title winning footballs about consistency
    we probably would take a draw but after the weekend its a free hit for us on monday
    we can stand even a loss in this one as 3 wins should see us home out of the last 7
    We beat Burnley at home playing on the ground, not in the air was passing and speed not aerial

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