“Fair Play To Sheffield United Today At Wembley, Your Lads Put In A Great Performance And Done All Your Fans Proud! Good Luck With Securing Promotion On Wednesday Night Against West Brom And We’ll See You Next Season!”

“The Blades were well organised and didnt look out of place against City. They will do fine next season in the prem for sure.”

“Good atmosphere in the ground and a great game. Thought Sheffield Untied tried to go for it but our midfield and forward presss dictated the play. That early save from Ortega was crucial.”

“Thought Sheffield United acquitted themselves well in the circumstances and they can take some heart from that display for next season. Perhaps they could have given us a scare if they’d stuck away the early chance, then avoided the reckless challenge from their striker that gave us the penalty”

“They’ll likely only have to play they way they did against us and maybe Liverpool”

“Hope they go up and stay up. They need to buy a few players and get rid of obe or two like Robinson who was facing the wrong way when Riyad ran through them.”

“Feel abit for Sheffield fans. Just not good enough but tried so can’t fault them. In the past we used to be them or even worse. Good luck next season staying up”

“Mahrez is a big game player , he excels in the Champs league and was clinical against the Blades , the whole team were methodical and dismantled Sheffield in the second half”

“It was great to see almost total control of that game and no threats from them after the 1st minute when Ortega saved us – the Sheffield forward should have done better, but, that’s what you get at the lower level.”

“I didn’t know what to make of Sheffield United. Were pretty solid and full of energy in the first half, but from the very start of the second half they were utter shite. I know it is easy to say we knackered them out but they just appeared clueless in the second half. Was hard to judge.”

“Sheffield United yo-yo Championship club. Decent in the Championship, not good enough for PL”

“Sheff United gave it a go first 20 but were pretty poor after that.”

“Game spoiled by Sheffield United. They’re shite. No ambition whatsoever. Their fans deserved a better showing. They’ll go straight back down next season if they don’t spend a fortune (which they won’t) We’re on a roll now. Unstoppable.”

“Honestly if you spend the entire match camped in your own penalty box, you can hardly complain when somebody swings a boot and gives a penalty away. Quite simply that’s one of the dangers of playing with 11 men behind the ball, which Sheffield U have found out the hard way.”

“Sheffield players will need ice baths to recover after chasing city shadows 2nd half.”

“Must be a bit depressing for Sheffield United fans. Disappointing to lose another semi-final but also a concern that next season is going to be hugely anti-climatic. Walker is also still far too good to be going to that level anytime soon either.”

“Sheffield United refused to sign-up to that letter, and for that reason and that alone they will always be welcome in Manchester City circles.”

“There was a noticeable gap in the blades end in the block next to the tunnel but people should be fair, those seats are £80 for an adult and £70 for child/concession. I paid the £80 but I didn’t have the travel cost and I would not pay £70 to take my son for a semi final. So it is really unfair for other fans and especially the press to harper on about it in a way to suggest either set of fans are not loyal enough.”

“I think both teams did extremely well to shift 30k each “

“Regardless of how many we took the fact that sheff U took less (big day out, doing well in the championship, playing the champs, get very decent home crowds in a high population city etc etc etc) spells out in huge letters that football fans are being priced out of these games.”

“I think that was a great turn-out by Blades fans yesterday, especially considering they really had no chance of progression, barring a miracle – especially without Doyle and McAtee.
The disappointment is that there were a lot of knobheads looking to rile normal City fans and looking for trouble afterwards. I hope they found it from lads who can handle themselves; City have got their fair share of them.
Hopefully, it can be civilised next season, and I hope they can invest wisely over the summer to give themselves the best chance of staying up”

“The Sheffield United support was incredible”

“At the end of the day, it was 2 clubs around 200 miles away from Wembley paying high prices for a SEMI-final. Cost of living is a killer at the moment with families deciding to heat or eat, without even considering a football match. I’ve always liked Sufc because they’re a real set of fans who represent their City well with passionate support. I did have some doings with their bbc crew back in the day and took a bit of a kicking on the forecourt about 20 years ago(deserved tbh)but gave it back at home in spades 🙂 I hope they stay up at the expense of Leeds(if they don’t go down this season).”

” I thought their support was poor yesterday given it was a rare day out at Wembley for them”

“Sheffield United fans were unbelievably bitter on the way out of the ground.”

“Thought the Sheffield support was very quiet”

“Very poor turnout from Sheffield United considering they’ve not been to Wembley since 2009 or in a Wembley semi in living memory, and considering they’re from a big city”.

“Wednesday would have sold their end today I bet!”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Man City”
  1. Well done city , and sheff u were miles behind you , we got hammered tbh . But ,,, if we had the money / spent , like you then maybe a different game ,
    Money simply talks nowadays… simple as that !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man City fans saying our atmosphere was bad? The only time you made a noise was when you scored, and that was still laughable. I enjoy watching city and like to see them doing well, but giving it Barry big bollocks after only scoring 3 against a championship club is embarrassing. We’re all Brighton now

  3. Very mixed views from city fans but keep in mind you fielded a very strong team after refusing permission for two of our first choice squad to play. Not only weakening our team but depriving two young men of a fantastic experience. Apparently not that confident of your ability to smash us as one of your followers bragged.

    1. Nothing to do with Manchester City that loan players couldnt play .FA rule which for me needs changing.Pep said he would have let them play.

  4. Some good comments but some very bitter ones the teams are miles apart but we gave it a good go first half I didn’t even know that the plastic city fans were there until they score. I did like city until money brought in fans who know nothing about football

  5. Decent game. The only bitterness I saw was the City fans trying to rile us on the way out. I did manage to speak to some of your true fans on the way home who wished us luck and said see you again next season.

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