“Sheff Utd are only one win away from automatic promotion so think they will be all out to seal it against us i would imagine.”

“Luton winning tonight means they’re only four points behind Sheff U with two to play … Sheff U won’t want to take any chances,they are going to spiflicate us on Wednesday”

“Sheff U won’t quite know how to go about it, they may well settle for a point. If they were definitely up they might have relaxed and hammered us. Which to be honest they probably will do anyway.”

“Sheffield United are comfortably the second best side in the league, there’s never going to be an ideal time to play them.”

“Sheffield United will have everything we struggle against on Wednesday and we will lose.”

“I hope I’m wrong but I fear a thumping tomorrow from Sheff U similar to that when we went to Forest last season, when we also supposedly still had hope of the playoffs. The prize on offer to the Blades for a win will mean they come flying at us and we have no counter punch.We also have a team on its last legs, many injuries, and I fear the loss on Sunday may have knocked the belief. I can’t see how we win this game”

” I don’t fancy us away at Sheff Utd regardless of their FA cup exploits”

“Every single time there is something riding on a game we bottle it, it’s not over, but given the pressure riding on that Sheff Utd game now, the form dictates it may as well be”

” I can’t see us getting anything away at Sheffield Utd”

“It’ll be the biggest shock in the history of football if Albion beat Sheff U on Wednesday”

“I think it’ll either be 3 nil blades by half time, game over and we’ll all regret going or we’ll hold them off for 80 or so minutes and either team to Nick a late winner.”

“The pressure may work in our favour, who knows in this league? It’s a free hit for me.”

“How Albion would it beat to beat Sheff Utd then lose to Norwich.”

“I’ve got a feeling we’ll beat sheff and Norwich and bottle it against Swansea”

“an unexpected win in Sheffield on Wednesday and we’re back in it!”

“we are capable of drawing there.
Unfortunately need to win now”

“A point against Sheffield and I reckon we do it.”

“I’ve just checked Sheffield United’s site and they have tickets available for tomorrow.
Win against us and they’re promoted to the Premier League.
Shocked the Home End at Bramall Lane isn’t Sold Out.
I thought there may be fans trying to get tickets in the Away End.”

By Roy

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