“Congratulations to The Blades deserved the win. Second half by far the better team.”

“Congratulations to Sheffield United. You genuinely couldn’t have wished for more obliging opponents in a game that mattered to you (you’d never guess it mattered to us as well apparently)”.

“Can’t fault the effort or performance by the players. I also can’t fault the way Corberan set us up. The difference tonight is the quality of Sheffield United players in comparison to ours.”

“They ran through us like we ain’t there”

” They stepped it up a level & we couldn’t match them”

“The fact that George Baldock is capable of sprinting past almost all our team tells you everything about our sides lack of anything”

“All SU have done is press us a little this half and we’ve folded. We’ve completely lost our shape and nobody can hold the ball or pick a man out.”

“Sheffield United came down with us since then they’ve had a penalty shootout in the playoff semifinals last season and have got autos this season and looks like we are going to finish mid table 2 seasons on the bounce. Our 8 seasons in the premier league mean nothing no”

“Both their goals scored by young players signed from foreign leagues. Shame we’ve isolated our recruitment policy to just 1 of the 44 countries in Europe.”

“Thought I’d seen it all being a West Bromwich Albion fan but Conor Townsend has just appealed for offside on Sheffield united Second goal, whilst stood on the goal line. Deary me”

“2 chances 2 goals for Sheffield. We’ve had 2, 3 chances and 0 goals what’s why we are where we are “

” jammy 2nd goal but well finished”

“Well done to Sheff Utd, straight back down though, but they’ll have 150m quid”

“They did the basic things, created pressure, always had men in the box and kept pushing at us and got there just rewards. Doesnt sound to difficult? “

“we’re less good at taking chances than Sheffield United, which is why they’re higher in the league.”

“We gifted Sheff U promotion at the expense of our existence”

“Up until the final third I thought we matched Sheff Utd and were certainly the better team first half. But it all accounts for nothing if you can’t put the ball in the net. “

“Went toe to toe first half and was the better team, yet as soon as the first goal goes in u know its game over,not because sheff utd am loads better than us as the 1st half proved because they’ve got player’s with a set of bollocks about them”

“Have to say i am not even angry or bothered about the defeat because i expected it, not because Sheffield United are anything special (they arent) but it was a pressure game and we just dont win them.”

“I thought we were the better side until we gave them a goal.
As ever in football, every goal changes every game. Grant scores. Different game.
Bit of luck helps. Get that penalty too – we win”.

“Given a final chance to prove we aren’t entirely useless and serve up about as insipid and uninspired performance as possible, Sheffield United didn’t even do anything, we just don’t have the legs to play after the second half. As bad a performance as anything Bruce served up”

“Useless performance. Ought to be ashamed of ourselves.”

“Awful second half.”

“This is a new low.”

“My streams was far behind Santos has just been sent off for Sheffield United “

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From West Brom”
  1. “My streams was far behind Santos has just been sent off for Sheffield United “

    A personal favourite from this little lot 😂👏🏻⚽️⚔️

  2. Having been a fan for years it makes me boil we have a stiker who is back trying to tackle their winger a useless midfield Grant a waist of time a full back who can only take long throws the only way is down

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