“They don’t have anything left to play for other than another 3 points which takes hem absolutely nowhere.”

“Sheffield United hopefully on the piss/beach and then a win against Sunderland at home, to put it in our own hands would be the perfect scenario”

“Most modern footballers will rarely go on the sort of bender that the Sheffield United players hit on Wednesday and into the early hours.
I would guess most won’t see tomorrow and if they do they’ll only be shouting for that old player of theirs ….what was he called Hughie something? “

“McBurnie looked smashed”

“I’m still backing a pissed up Sheffield United against us to be fair”

“We should contribute towards the bar bill.”

“Could go either way and they could do a Burnley and rest players or be still pissed. But could go my more negative way of pressure off lets have some fun.”

“Burnley had a blip after sealing the title.
Its hard to motivate yourself 100% when you know the job is done. That said, I’m sure they’ll have plenty of quality even in the reserves, so its never going to be an easy game.
We should be much more up for it though. Early goal needed.”

“It could be pressure free, expressive free flowing football with the gloves off or it could be a load of disorganised, demotivated shite! Who knows?
Suspect with them being at home they’ll be pretty up for it.”

“Watching Sheff United last night, I just can’t see us going there and winning. Even if we play well. I don’t see a hangover from them, more the opposite and they will want to continue the celebration in front of their fans. Expecting a tough afternoon and perhaps a 2-1 or 3-1 defeat.
The only hope is because it is a mid-afternoon game and not a night game, the fans will be less buoyant.”

“Sheff UTD have nothing to play for now, When Burnley were officially promoted they went flat but still had to win a few more for the title. I can see them being really subdued and probably playing fringe players.”

“Sheff U have League One Wes back now too so history tells us that will be a boost for us on Saturday…”

“They are much better than us, a promoted team with no pressure, at home in front of jubilant fans, where we never win anyway, and go there off the back no wins in 3 games.”

“Sheff U will be favourites to finish bottom next season
They’re nothing special, and them getting automatic promotion sums up this league this season”

“Heckingbottom. Even with this promotion on his CV I don’t think he’s that good.”

“Think Billy Sharp will be still knocking goals in for some Sheff Unt team when he’s into his 80’s.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Preston”
  1. Yeah despite the transfer embargo and the FA cup semi final and winning automatic promotion with 3 games to go Hecky isnt really that good.
    What did the Romans ever do for us?
    To think that Preston used to boast some knowledgable football fans. Always liked Preston as a place and a team as well.

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