“Fair play to SUFC today. They could have just turned up but they put on a show for their fans.”

“Absolutely infuriating though losing to a team with nowt to play for”

“bloody hell, so easy for them!”

“Unfortunately, this is what “going for it” looks like against a much better team.”

“a total miss match out played out classed we are miles off in quality”

“We are a disgrace against the top teams.”

“Second goal kills us and it’s an absolutely embarrassing goal to concede.
We were flat track bullies when beating the worst teams in the league but put us up against sides with decent calibre and here’s your end result”

“In a normal situation we’d expect to get beat at the second best team in the league. In a normal situation we’d be a bit peeves about conceding 4 goals to them. In a situation like today it’s totally unacceptable.”

“Considering that Sheff U were already promoted and had been on the lash over the last few Days and we still had a lot to play for to at least take it to the last game, however tenuous, then despite the difference in quality of the squads, if you take those factors into account then the Players should be ashamed to have been well beaten 4-1.
We didn’t even make much of a Game of it.”

“That Jebbison has absolutely took the piss out of us”

“I thought the score line flattered Shef Utd today.”

“Well we gave it a go but did not get the run of the ball – their second was a deflection that could have gone anywhere and the Delap incident was a penalty. But we have survived another season in the second tier of English football and that is at least something.”

“We’re the definition of a mid table team. We can beat the bottom half teams but not the top half. “

“Shows how utterly shite the quality of the league is this season. A halfway competent manager backed even a little bit by the club, and we might have been more of a shout for getting top 6.”

“Difficult to argue, sheff Utd fans say the same and know they’ll be back in a season. “

“Disappointing result but not totally unexpected. We did have a sniff at 1-1 but that deflected goal by Fleck made us push on as we’d nothing to lose. At 3-1 down we had a stone wall penalty which would have given us a lift but the ref must have been unsighted and missed it.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Preston”
  1. Big round of applause to the Preston fans applauding the loss of all those players and fans we lost this season. It didn’t go un noticed

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