“Dear Sheffield United
We’ve had some good times, haven’t we?
We tried our best to let you win the penalty shootout in league 1.
We stopped the other lot getting promoted to the PL (we did that for you, not us!) and sent them spiralling down to League 1!
And they’ve been flashing their phones there ever since!
We beat Middlesbrough and ended their incredible run (again, we did that for you!)
We have a shared love for warnock and it will be a special night for him on Thursday. Don’t spoil it.
We know you’re good and wish you all the best in the Premier League.
But we won’t play each other for a while now so let’s just take it easy and enjoy the occasion.
We’re not asking you to lose, just don’t win. Ask Barnsley fans, they love an end of season draw with us.
You saw Cardiff today trying to put in effort and they picked up injuries as a result. Let’s avoid that, it’s never nice to see.
I’m sure you agree.
All the best”

“We’ve seen Warnock effectively ‘throw’ a game against a far superior side. Will he do that next week or go for it, but with risk of players getting injured / tired for Reading?
How will he approach it? Cup final for me – throw everything at them and get a result.
However, if that backfires……not ideal
But don’t go for it and they could knacker our goal difference…..”

“Dont think throwing the game will be in his mind, not with whats at stake.”

“Had there been a few more games to play, writing this off might have been feasible…..but too risky now. And as you note, GD could be critical….ours is currently only 2 better than Reading’s. If Blades/Reading both beat us by 1 goal, we’d end up all square with the Royals.”

“Think Warnock will go cautious and go defensively and limit Sheff U, my guess would be a Sheff U 1 – 0 win or a 0 – 0 draw, a lot of dilemas in this match, if we are losing with 15 mins to go do we try and snatch an equaliser or sit back and prey they do not get another.
If we do lose by 1- 0, then the scenario will be repeated in the Reading game”

“I think the Blades will have got their lap of honour out of the way in those last 2 home games.
Big night for our defence methinks, also keep Berge as quiet as we can in midfield…”

“Billy Sharp is sitting on 249 league goals, and I am told they want to do all they can to help him reach 250. I suspect he wont be on the beach. He might not get much pitch time next season.”

“If they are going to spent all night trying to tee one bloke up it might suggest they aren’t quite as focused as they have been. Who knows, shot to nothing for us on Thursday now.”

“Got to question how arsed Sheff Utd are for this, promoted, cant win the league, would they want to hamper their hero’s chance of survival? “

“Neil says he was chocked today to have both sets of fans applauding him after the game, he then said it was nice to see Cardiff safe ‘as well’, maybe we didn’t just agree on moving the game forward 24 hours, if the roles were reversed would Town be going all out to deprive the Blades a point……Possibly not, book the day off Friday”

“It worries me that the team put in a tremendous effort to capture a point against Sheffield Utd, and lose.
Now they are too knackered to keep Reading/Andy Carroll out who will be well rested by then”

“No reason why we can’t win this, will Sheffield United be arsed for it?”

“I think if your promoted your attention naturally turns to next year, those on the retained list will probably already know. Others will be thinking don’t get injured now and if I was the manager I’d be giving some of the squad an extra week off to prepare for pre-season.
So I would hope we can get a win or a draw on Thursday.”

“If I was a Blades player seeing other players getting injured & sent off in the last couple of Championship matches it would have me diving behind the couch until pre season, I expect the bulk of those who will be in the PL squad next season to be benched now by manager PH where possible.”

“Sheff United can say what they want, there is no way their players will be as up for this as Town’s.
They have their careers to think about and the prospect of an injury stopping them from potentially playing in the Prem next season will mean they aren’t at 100%. It’s natural.
That’s not to say they can’t still beat us, of course they can. But, it gives us a massive boost in only needing to get a point.”

“Sitting back is not an option..by all accounts that’s what Preston did after they’d equalised in the 63rd minute at Bramall Lane, and got thumped .. No we have to play the same way we’ve been playing.
We’re so close now but the job is a tough one still, Sheffield Utd hopefully might play some squad players on Thursday but we have to try and win this from the off and see how it goes..I’m more nervous about this one because we are so close”

“Preston got caught on the break at least twice with one player back.
They had to win to have any hope of the playoffs???
Its a difficult call for us but sitting off or dropping deep isnt going to give their players a tough game. We will have to test if they want that 50/50 or chase as hard as usual etc..”

“I feel confident we can get something from this game.
Sounds like Preston melted on Saturday and it was a bit of a roll over. Their last home game in front of a bumper crowd.
Different ball game on Thursday. They’ll likely rotate a few players.
Warnock will have them fired up. Can see us getting at least a point “

“Not seen much of Utd on TV this season but what I have seen I thought they played a fair bit of long ball, down the channels..Don’t know if that’s a regular style or not, but if they do that to us they’ll by-pass our hard working midfield and hit our weak spots every time.”

“Really wasn’t very impressed with Sheff Utd when we went there Christmas time, I thought we deserved something. Obviously they’ve kicked on, but I don’t think we’ve got too much to fear. We need to take the game to them”

“Sheff utd are nothing special and might bring a team off the beach to play us
Amazing as our last 3 games included two of Warnocks ex teams where those clubs still respect what he did for them
Town will beat Utd 1-0 or 2-0 providing we have the same fight as when we beat Cardiff”

“The championship has been fairly poor this season and town would be up there with the best on this present form”

“Over the last 10 games we are 7th in the form table
Warnock would have probably got us in the playoffs had he come when schofield got sacked”

“A draw is well within our means, might even win, gonna be another tense match.”

“I suspect he will try and “shithouse” Utd with a backs to the wall try and score on the break performance”

“It would be typical town to somehow f*** things up from the great position we’ve got ourselves into… but I think we’ll get the point we need on Thursday night, a 1-1 draw with the whole ground singing “Yorkshire! Yorkshire!”

“Surprisingly a lot of them are not fans of Warnock”

“I was surprised by the venom directed at our colin on their forum”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Huddersfield”
  1. Dear Huddersfield thanks for all your help over the last few seasons, but sorry, we only play one way, foot on the gas for 90 minutes. The players will be revved up for sure, the manager accepts no less.

  2. Very funny. You forger Neil has been a Bldes fan all his life.He might just let Utd win as he owes us one for that time he got the tactics wrong and we went down from the Premier League and he got sacked. Goo old Neil. Thanks for letting us win!

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