View From Port Vale

Blades 1-0 Port Vale

“It’s a big but….but apart from his sending off Brown was very impressive. Both yellow cards did seem harsh”

“Great night in Sheffield despite the result this afternoon”

“I really would like page to succeed but his loyalty to certain players and lack of basic tactics is proving he won’t “

“Disappointing result but couldn’t ask anymore from the players, the referee cost us a point today which was the least we
deserved “

“on Pint number eight I think at the Devonshire cat another nice dark ale”

“Brilliant day in Sheffield.Except for the football. And the referee. And the performance.”

“Shame Sheff Utd-Vale was shat on by the most biased referee I’ve ever seen.”

“We were robbed”

“Michael Brown was brilliant today. Considering he’s 38 he never stops running!”

“Unlucky Vale. Would have been worth a point if not for the poor play by one or two today. The poor run continues. “

“The home crowd were getting slightly anxious in that 2nd half”

“Frustrating to lose that against a fairly poor Sheffield United side on the day not helped by some farcical refereeing. Laughable penalty decision decided the outcome, sent Brown off yet the first yellow wasn’t even a foul, failed to make a standard decision when the keeper handles the ball about three yards outside his box and despite sending Brown off failed to give their lad a second yellow for a similar foul! As for Veseli getting booked because their lad wouldn’t retreat for us to take a free kick… Summed up the mans performance today.
We dominated long spells of the second half but the final ball let us down as it’s now looking nervously like a relegation battle until the end of the season.
As for the atmosphere today, 18,000 fans yet absolutely no noise whatsoever?! Been five times now and usually a good atmosphere but 39 Crawley fans made more noise on Tuesday!”

“Well what a farce that was,the ref was awful. He gave fouls and cards for nothing. Utd never looked like they would score in open play but ether did Vale,It was a dubious penalty, very harsh. We deserved a draw , don’t know how Utd are are where they are. They have looked dire today and at Vale Park. Clough is a right nob, all he did is badger the officials for most of the game, his dad would be rolling in his grave.”

“Thought it deserved to be 0-0. First 15 mins i feared the worst but all in all an even game, what i will say despite having a lot of the ball for an away side how many saves did Howard actually make, one maybe which looked spectacular but was routine really, Worst Sheffield team i have seen on all my visits, whether it is a confidence thing i don,t know. Funniest moment was when the cheese ball of a stadium announcer gave the disallowed scorers name and bellowed out ‘ What a game ‘, pity linesman had is flag up for about 30 seconds !! What a penis. Nothing more needs be said about the ref apart from fact the red card can,t be rescinded but not one Sheff Utd fan appealed for a foul on Browns first challenge it was simply a great tackle, and Howards slide 6 foot outside the box was more the linesman shitting it at a big club. Season over for us and i,ll be as bold to say see you next season Sheffield as you are way behind Swindon and MK Dons as the table would suggest.”

“Have a feeling Sheff United will win the play offs but would be a travesty. The amount of long ball and times they just hoofed it out of play, were better at VP with ten men than yesterday.
New kit was weird (bit early to reveal it surely)! Looked ok but not very much like a Sheff United kit being white with very thin pinstripes.”

“Got to be a confidence thing, they were a poor outfit considering 5th in the league, some of their passing was awful. Felt all we had to do was nick one and there would of been a deluge of boos and abuse, they were clearly desperate for the win. And what is up with Clough ? what a knob he tried reffing the game himself ,as for us we are where we are, season petered out to nothing. Possibly the worst League one quality wise for years bar the top 4. If Barnsley or Donny make play offs then it says it all.”

“It is dreadful and that’s why the top four are flying away with it. A missed opportunity for a lot of clubs as you only have to be even slightly able to get a play off spot.”

“Everything is wide open from Sheffield United down. You’d think that they’re drop out of the play offs sooner rather than later with their form.”
“Never really in the game, Never looked like scoring, went through the motions feels like playing the season out now & lads are on the beach.
Beer was great though!”

“Poor first half, ok second. Ref didn’t lose us the game but he was a raging homer.
Howard carried the ball out of the area and he chose to ignore it.
Brown’s second booking was for an innocuous foul but he was on his last warning for trying to take a quick free kick.”

“Domimated second half against an awful Sheffield United side (they are fifth somehow!) but when a goal down at the moment we just seem to huff and puff with no end product.
Penalty was a farce, Brown should never have seen red as the first was a great tackle and their lad on a booking got away with a similar foul a few minutes before. As for the keeper carrying the ball out the area…. It wasn’t even a borderline decision to make!”

“The Vale were undone by appalling refereeing. The penalty which never was, the sending off which should never have been and the myopic linesman who failed to see the Blunt goalie carry the ball a yard outside his penalty area. Vale dominated possession without really creating enough clear cut chances. The defence were not really troubled by a very poor United team. Our best players were Vecelli, O’Connor and Brown. The latter booked twice purely on reputation alone.”

“I don’t Vale will have a better chance to win at Bramhall Lane.On that showing we’ll be playing there next season in League 1.”

” typical Vale at a “big club” referee with every 50/50 or 40/60 going for the home team who were the poorest United team I’ve seen in a while. We’ll be back there next season.”

“If I was a Sheffield Utd fan I’d be more concerned about the direction their manager is taking them compared with ours. Big budget team that were awful today. They did create more than Vale but they were the home dude so I’d expect that but their football was as bad as ours!!!
There was 18,700 fans there and the Sheffield Utd fans were quieter than we were on Tuesday. “

“Sheffield uniteds crowd need find some passion .
What is it with modern day footballfans ,wheres the passion topush your team on ,i dont know how many Vale were there but they were terrific in there backing of ourclub .”

“softest penalty ever.
Second half a lot better but didn’t really look like scoring.
Their keeper should have been sent off for carrying the ball 2yards out of his area, Christ knows why Vesali was booked, Browns sending off was a joke, also their player receives quite lengthy treatment, goes off( the long way round) then the ref waves him back on before play had resumed.”

“Clough is one of the few managers Page has outhought this season”

“Can’t believe anyone is questioning the penalty decision, horrible challenge and O’Connor was lucky he didn’t face further action.”

Pre-Match View From Port Vale

“We need a result tomorrow”

“This will be our 4th straight away win if we get a victory”

“4th win on the trot away for the Vale? 3rd defeat on the trot for the Blades? Obvious score draw”

“unfortunately when we play any other team who are going through a bad spell we always seem to end their bad run by gifting them a win. We are nice like that”

“It’s always a good day there.”

“apart from 2-3 certain starters, I don’t think it particularly matters who make the XI as long as they are ‘up for it’ and show more grit and determination than on Tuesday.
One of the worst aspects in the week was how easily we accepted defeat and we never really looked energetic enough to get the goal back.
I don’t know how SU play, but they are one of the better teams in the league and this is one of our hardest away games. Luckily, I don’t think they have a tall team and instead play the ball on the ground a lot more, which may or may not suit our defenders. In defence, I don’t think we have the players to make a huge difference. They lack physicality and power and a ticking off isn’t going to change that.”

“Season is effectively over so I’d like to see some of our younger players given ago, although maybe that should start with a home game rather than a tricky away one.”

“for those saying stick the kids in, we’re still6 points short of being safe yet. The league is so tight this year its likely we’ll need 54 points to be certain of staying up. Lets get there then give them a run out.”

“Is this the worst ever Vale defence in your living memory? Any defence with Kevin Steggles in has to be a contender.”

“With a couple of exceptions, we are just going through the motions”

“The fact that this pathetic defence vastly improved when a 19 years old inexperienced on load defender ,was involved says it all”

View From Walsall

Walsall 1-1 Blades 

“Their only ambition seems to be attempting to win every single game 1-0 in the most boring way possible “

“Good point considering the vast budget difference in squad and what Clough could do in January – didn’t they pay £1m+ upfront for that right back Brayford who played tonight?”

“Decent point, Sheffield United must be the most boring team in the universe.”

“We were ok in the first half, nothing brilliant but fairly good except for the lapse for the goal.
Although we had only one shot on target it doesn’t tell the whole story. There were plenty of good opportunities and forays into their half but as per usual they ended up stalling as soon as we got to the edge of their box.
Second half we really had a go at them and showed what we were capable of.
Grimes goal and his shot on the post were produced from some quick football and attacking impetus that caught United off guard. It’s that kind of play we need to do more of.
Frustrating also because in the 2nd half we were by far the better team and should have finished them off for the win. We created plenty of chances. At least we didn’t lose.
Ref was a complete numpty and the 4th official not much better. Not sure how he thought 3mins injury time in the 1st half was enough to cover Uniteds blatant time wasting. He made up for it by finding a non-existent 4mins injury time for the 2nd half though. Plank.”

“Decent point, although Sheffield United are absolutely odious and as for Nigel Clough…..
I thought first half we generally controlled possession without really threatening and Jordy probably should have done better with his header.
Second half we pretty much bossed the game with United having 11 men behind the ball and hoofing long aimless ‘passes’ into the corners. Benning was very impressive to be fair, although he didn’t really get defensively tested too much tonight- I think if he was to start on Sunday he might struggle a fair bit more…”

“These horrifically bad refereeing performances are becoming the norm now. I’m very fair when it comes to refs, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt all the time.
This numpty tonight allowed SU to waste around 6 of the final 9mins of the first half, then gave a foul against Hiwula for nothing, then booked him for complaining. He halted play to move the ball backwards for freekicks in our own half, but allowed SU take take 10-15 yards at throw ins.
Then in the 2nd half Hiwula got floored in the area, a much stronger challenge than the one he booked Hiwula for in the first half, play on was his decision, then he booked Bakayoko for what was admittedly a foul, just a little late, and was his first offence, no consideration that the las had just come on. Then he bought one of the clearest dives from a shoulder to shoulder challenge I’ve ever seen when they’re lad got to the nice angle for a free kick. A free kick which resulted in Ben Davies nearly scoring.
Where do they get these idiots? I mean that wasn’t just a poor refereeing display, it was atrocious. No consistency, bad decisions, not applying the rules regarding injuries and stoppage time, strange advantage decisions, booking players for the slightest infringement, it had it all.
I’m not one of these who likes to blame referees for results, and thankfully this guy didn’t have an affect on the result, but Im struggling to grasp the modern incompetency of referees.”

“Brian Clough must be spinning in his grave! I couldn’t watch that shite every week.”

“They looked as poor a side as I’ve seen at our place for a good few months, yet we didn’t have enough to beat them – a bit like Saturday, but MK Dons showed a bit more quality going forward.”

“Once again a very good second half during which we tore a very poor Sheffield Utd. side apart. A good goal,the post and bar hit and as Phil says one of the worst displays from a referee I have seen since D’urso against Port Vale! “

“and people moan about our style of football. 😆
They’re welcome to Clough. He’s another grossly overrated manager keeping his side in League One in spite of the huge resources he keeps being given. A bit like Karl Robinson (without the mildly amusing accent) and Darren Ferguson (without the famous dad).”

“I think Nigel Cloughs dad is just a bit famous having won the European cup back to back having a stand named after him at Nottingham forest and also managed leeds United and Derby County”

“Im still seething this Morning after watching one of the most incompetent Refs I have ever had the misfortune to witness.
He allowed the Sheff Utd Players to dictate the pace of the game and the fiasco 5 mins before half time with their Players dropping like flies was a disgrace.
They fell to the floor ‘injured’, with great dramatic skills and then the Ref allows at least 5 mins+ time to treat them ,if they are ‘injured’ get them off the pitch.
But wait what yonder miracle I see not once but twice they rise up and run back on the pitch.However 3 mins added time allowed – total joke.
Second half another dive worthy of Mr Daley, ref acknowledged it was a dive ,but no booking!
I know its not easy being a Ref and I understand we all make mistakes but this was beyond a joke.He should never ref a professional game again.
Clough jnr , you are not fit to have the great Man’s name. To send a team out to be so cynical and unprofessional as Tinned rightly said your dad would be spinning in his grave.
The game itself, we had enough chances to win and should have.”

“It’s taken a Worldy to score against us, and we had to play against a barclays ref and the Sheff Utd backroom staff who may have well have put seats on the pitch. At least one of the headers should have been put away – poor finishing cost us, but overall we played well – especially second half.While Smith isn’t perfect, thank God we don’t have Clough. The resources they have a their disposal at this level and all they can manage to serve up is that dour, rubbish. Just shows what having a famous name can do for you.”

“Sheff Utd were really, really poor. Their only bit of quality was the goal from Baxter which was a great bending effort.”

“Clough’s tactics were abortion, time wasting in the first half?
Sheff U were there for the taking, we are just SO pedestrian when we get into the final third. “

Pre-Match View From Walsall

“Much better performance on Saturday: brighter, quicker paced and better all-round team play.”

“Everything relates to Wembley at the moment of course and our last League One fixture before next Sunday sees us entertaining Nigel Clough’s Blades, but their recent form has suggested more of the Blunts than Blades, to be honest. They signed Steven Davies (striker) on loan from Blackpool a couple of weeks ago but even he was substituted last Saturday. The Walsall contingent signed by Clough have all gone their separate ways so there won’t be any ex-Saddlers celebrating a la Grigg. Leading scorer McNulty has 12 goals to his name, but remained on the bench last week-end . Their return of 6 points from the last 18 is nowhere near promotion material and is only 1 point better than ours, but it should be remembered that United did bring off a 1-3 win at Ashton Gate on Valentine’s day which at least shows that Bristol City are not impregnable. think that with everyone trying to impress and stake their claim for a Wembley start we could re-invent Fortress Bescot and win this one 2-0, with goals from Hiwula and Sawyers (who is due for one!!).”

“About time we won. 1-0 us, in a game with no top gear.”

“Think we’ll win. What should see us needing one win in nine to avoid the drop. Hopefully we’ll get a few more than that – a top half finish would be great!!”

“Cant believe Florent Cuvelier Signed for Burton Albion 😯 I don’t know what wages they pay at Burton but surely he’d improve us for the last few games of the season could have been the difference between finishing top six or bottom half”

“The Flo that played for us 3-4 years ago definitely would. Is he as good now though?”

“What a player Flo was when he first came at the back end of the 11-12 season. He pretty much kept us up that year as a 18/19 year old kid!
Maybe it’s something we should revisit in the summer”

“He’s way too good for league 2 level, from what he showed in his loan spells here he’s boderline championship level but obviously the many injuries since then have probably knackered him.”

“He’s too good for league one and two”

“He was with us in 2012. That’s 3 years ago. Why do people think that he’s the same player now as he was then. Let’s bring back Kyle Lightbourne he could score some goals for us!
His career so far has been blighted by hamstring problems interspersed with patches of good form and patches not so good. It would be a backward step for us IMHO to bring him to Walsall again.”

“He would have been a good championship player but for a really bad injury run. He may still get there if he can maintain some fitness, but for another team (given that Hasselbank has picked him up from the ‘have it’ cloggers at the Blunts I’d say someone might get a lot more out of him).”

“whenever Sheffield United pitch up I wonder why on earth Jose Baxter is so highly rated, he just looks like he’s just turned up from Sunday league and never seems to do anything.”

“I work with a Blades season ticket holder, and he is less than complimentary about Baxter,(as he is about most Clough signings!) so don’t think he will cause us many problems tomorrow!”


Scunthorpe 1-1 Blades 

“could have easily won it in 2nd half but referee disallowing Scunthorpe goal was major talking point”

“Both sides squandered chances to claim victory from pretty even contest. Iron much better second half than first.”

“Worst decision ive seen in 50 years to disallow our goal. Will watch on FLS tonight to try pick out a foul but to the naked eye it was the WORST DECISION I HAVE EVER SEEN!”

“Shocking decision. Ref had an absolute stinker.”

“Absolutely shocking decision.”

“Shocking refereeing all round today. Hope those two points aren’t to two that could have kept us up!”

“Not one Sheffield player claimed a foul.
The keeper dropped his head in embarrassment.”

“Awful decision, imo, but no doubt the reaction of their players helped. A handful of their players surrounded the ref after the incident happened, but the keeper himself bowed his head in shame.”

“i dont think the ref was looking at play at the time, he, like everyone else thought the keeper was just going to collect it, think he guessed at contact when the ball went in the net”

“thats 3 points from 18 now.Shocking – I can’t believe people were talking about a play off spot, we will do well to avoid relegation.
And I do we wish Mr Robbins would stop saying how disappointed he is with the result in his aftermath interview and saying we should have won he’s becoming boring and Wilclot like.”

“Set up for draw and that is what we got”

“Two clean sheets in 35 now, this is getting tedious.”

“Big chance missed to win today, Madden missed two glorious opportunities in the 2nd half to win it.
No idea why we had a totally fine goal dissalowed after Turner spilt the ball into his own net, nobody even complained about it.”
“we were the better side in the second half “

“We looked dangerous because everyone pushed up like a kids game which unsettled Sheff Utd because for 70 minutes they only had Madden to deal with.
Thought the defence looked solid with Marcus and Boyce back”