MK Dons 1-0 Blades

“This is our year…..I believe !!!”

“Great to beat Sheffield United AGAIN after their fans arrogance on their forum”

“Very happy not the best game but didn’t expect it to be – good 3 points against a rival – we looked fairky solid other than a moment of deano falling asleep in the first half – these are the games we will look back on at the end of the season hopefully !!!”

“Sheff U are our personal biatches now. We ALWAYS beat the cheating scrotes so I don’t see why their verminous fans could ever go into a game against us with any degree of confidence at all. Makes it all the sweeter anyway.”

“Except for the fact that before today they won in their last 2 visits here…”

“Great battling performance. Two good teams. Clough and his red clad cronies were less obnoxious than normal. I really enjoyed it.”

“I still can’t get over how funny they are jumping up on masse whenever a decision goes against them.”

“I especially enjoyed some of the fans (who we outsung tremendously I thought) leaving early. I joined in with a heart ‘cheerio’.
I posted yesterday I’d have taken a point.
Now I taking a pint!”

“Anyone heard Cloughs interview on BBC?
Completely hung out their striker McNulty out to dry, saying “he should of ran around more like their striker” and saying that’s why he doesn’t start etc. I find this astonishing and so glad Robbo doesn’t criticise players in public. Jumping up and down from the bench every time they didn’t get a decision their way, the bloke annoys me. Im going to say it first, I much prefer Wednesday, and I thought their support was pretty shocking in terms of atmosphere.”

“Just sums up why Clough is a complete fucking idiot. Seems since he left Derby he’s desperately trying to be his Dad.”

“I really hope he heard our ‘constructive comments’ directed towards him today loudly and clearly.
Heh heh F- heh.”

“Sheffield United have only scored 30 goals this season compared to our 51”

“Thanks for the six points Sheff U”

“They attacked us in the air a lot. Our centre halves can cope with that.”

“JCR gave Lewington a tough time and he coped pretty well.”

“Not many teams do the double over Sheff Utd!”

“What a game! End to end stuff!”

“What a result and what a game!”

“Passionate physical game. Awesome double over Sheffield united!!!”

“Nigel, whats the score?”


 Blades 2-1 Preston 

Ref was the biggest homer I have ever come across”

“Got sympathy for Koeman now with the way their bench reacts”

Our players are dirty? They seem to forget Morgan nearly killed Hume! At least we are still above them”

We were shit today but so was the ref”

Time to stop being nice. Unacceptable today.

“Joke of a ref”

Definitely disappointing to come away from that… Ref absolutely mugged us but more importantly, we need new players and fast!!!

“Just sack Grayson”

That’s our first league defeat in quite a while. We were obviously deflated after our poor JPT exploits.

SG has just said on Radio Lancs that we were unlucky to loose today & that he felt that we were in the game until they scored a lucky 1st goal?

Negative Grayson costs us again.

it will be interesting to see what happened when Kennedy slid in on Ebanks-Blake ball across the box and colided with the post. Has our luck run out?

“We need a striker”

“O’Grady would be a great signing for us”

Sounds like the referee was a homer but a second second half where we’ve turned down the gas.

“Ref cost us the game”

I do hate all that “fill up my senses” rubbish. Heard it too often at that place. Lets just hope it is not another 30+ years until we win there again.

Sheff settled for 2

Knocked out in the play-offs again is what’s going to happen. Bottle every single big game we play…. Pathetic. Just puts fans off going on… That’s why the crowds dwindle.

“Something of a typical day at Bramhall Lane.

I’m sick to fucking death of Sheffield fucking United.
Just fuck off.

Agreed. It was laughable how many people who said the FA cup draw was a good one and slated anyone who said otherwise!!

We had the wind first half and should have ripped into them, thrown everything at them. Cautious dross though and we go in at half time having let them off the hook through trying not to lose the game instead of winning it.
They came out and battered us with the wind and strolled to victory.

One Lack of consistency today was the referee, than man in black today should have worn a blades home shirt he was so keen to do what the home fans wanted.
Totally out of his depth

Sheffield United supporters are not exactly famous for objectivity when it comes to appraising officials. Contrast their constant berating of the man in black for not booking north end players with what happens at Deepdale.

Well that was disappointing but as the North End fans were singing towards the end “2-1 to the referee” says it all. I’ll give you a few examples, Humphrey attacks their defenders, their player moves into his path and takes him out no foul given, play goes down our end and they get their 2 nd. Ball is kicked in to our half, we appeal for offside linesman keeps his fag down, shot come in but misses and goes out of play linesman then flags for offside. Their player jumps into KD ref waves play on, KD tussles for a ball but is stronger than their player and wins the ball foul given. At the end of the game we are on the attack, ref blows for pushing by KD but no one else saw the push, Sheffield Utd players don’t appeal for foul and pressure is received from Sheffield Utd box. I could go on but I don’t have enough time. 
A point would have been a fair result!

It did sound like the ref had an awful game.”

We gave away 21 fouls…………that’s a foul every 4.5 minutes.

But in most games over half of those would not have been given as a foul, you only had to breath on one of their players and they fell over and the ref gave them a free kick

Go to an away match and the referee more often than not,show’s an obvious bias to the home team.Get back to Deepdale and that bias mysteriously disappear’s.The last ‘homer’ I can remember was Uriah Rennie,when he set up Ryan Kidd for the winning goal against Barnet about 20 year’s ago