Oxford 2-3 Blades


“Played a vastly better side. They moved us from side to side and ran us ragged”

“The better side won tonight not seen a better side all season”

“No shame in losing to this lot tonight. They’re champions elect and we fought to the end as we always do.”

“I just think Sheffield United were better tonight. I can’t see that it’s any more complicated than that.”

“They are top for a reason I guess”

“No shame in loosing to that Sheff Unt side.Definitely going up,fair play to there fans as well brilliant numbers for a Tuesday”

“Sheff just too good “

“Best team we’ve played in a long long time. Fitter, better close ball control & a good sub at the right time. Deserve to be top”

“I can imagine Sheffield United have a championship budget too”

“Well that’s frustrating. Hemmings did nothing today, doesn’t even make it look like he’s trying to win a header. Should have been off at 1-1 not wait till we’re 3-1 down. Maguire is so frustrating so many times today all he had to do was stick out a foot and he would have won the ball. Pulled out of 50/50s as well and just looked like his head dropped. Hard to pick a motm. Slightly better berformance than sat but only just. Why The hell do we think watering the pitch is a good idea. Home form just lacking this season. But fair play to Sheffield they looked good “

“We can and have played how Sheffield play. The difference is they can do it every week, we can’t”

“Sheff Utd clearly a decent side but they fucking moan like fuck.. Ref buying it as well”

“Didn’t get what we deserved tonight, sounds like we gave it a right old go but once again lost by cheap goals. Disappointing “

“beaten by a V good, if somewhat classless team. “

“Wilder strikes again…”

“Wilder going the Sheffield fans, kissing the badge a la DiCanio”

“tosser no class”

“Wilder not classy”

“Sheffield United class. Chris Wilder complete lack of class”

“People still say he deserves respect. He was like this when he was here to some of our own fans, he’s a gobby northerner with a massive chip on his shoulder, wouldn’t have expected any less from him, wouldn’t be surprised if the players were instructed to celebrate goals in front of our fans as well he a wind up merchant. But to be fair he’s got a bloody good team again top of the league playing decent stuff”

“Considering what we did for Wilder, it’s disgusting that he has no respect for us. Disappointing from a person a lot of us respect. “

“He’s Sheffield United through and through, ball boy, player, fan, manager. What do you expect him to do ?”

“Yeah, I was gonna say I don’t see why that’s a problem. Just looks a bit thin skinned to get riled by something as minor as that. He’s a Sheffield United fan.”

“He knew exactly what he was doing. Do you think he goes skipping over to his fans, punching his badge like that, every game?
A very good manager but a very odd, insecure man it seems.”

“We need to get over it and stop bleating about Wilder. He kissed the badge- so what.”

”Say what you like about Wilder but he’s gonna have another promotion on his CV”

“Wilder up to the Championship, Oxford playing in the B team trophy final, everyone’s happy :).”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Oxford”
  1. “He knew exactly what he was doing. Do you think he goes skipping over to his fans, punching his badge like that, every game?

    Actually, he does

  2. I’m a Sheffield United fan from Chesterfield, thanks for the comments for my team tonight, I also went to your win over Chesterfield, I thought you were a very good team and deserved the big victory

  3. Come on you Oxford fans.Wilder did a great job for you.Please show a bit of appreciation.And he’s certainly not miserable-he’s got a super sense of humour unlike you southerners.What’s more Sheffield United is in his blood-supporter,ball boy,player and now manager of the love of his life.He never even moved from Sheffield,the place he loves when he got all these promotions from these basement clubs.Should be given a knighthood!

  4. shut up you bitter southern Nancy boys once a blade always a blade piss pot team piss pot ground pis poor support and a shitty town

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