Swindon 2-4 Blades


“Play top of the league, completely gift them 2 goals.  Nice one”

“Gift two goals pissing about & a penalty chasing the game against the team top of the league.
But we won’t learn any lessons, we will keep making the same mistakes.
The only thing you can say is at least the players had a go in the second half.”

“We are the most bizarre team to try and support. Look like shit one half, then look like we could win it, and then lose it all over again, all in the space of 10 minutes.”

“Can we quit this pointless shitehawking about at the back already!”

“Hardly surprising and a good fight back but the over playing at the back grinds my gears.”

“That was… more interesting than I’d expected.”

“So bad first half Sheff got complacent and let us get back in it and we gave it a go to be fair.  Usual issues of mistakes at the back, too many lightweight played, no options on the bench and a ref that didn’t want to upset the table toppers.”

“first half we were really poor, no shape very little fight.  Gladwin was the proverbial passenger on the left wing.  Second half a change of formation, Gladwin put just behind the front two (beaks pushed further forward), Dabo pushed forward leaving a back 3 and suddenly we were back in the game and playing well.  I would like to see the disallowed goal because from where i was sitting Ajose came from behind a player to score but that decision to disallow it was how it went for us all night, the ref allowed them so much and blew us up for any little infringement.  The 6 committed a really bad tackle and was only yellow carded – but hey ho, that’s life at Swindon.”

“I know Sheff Utd played poor but i’d rather us go down with some fight (like Vale have shown) than just accept teams are better than us. Remember, form continues from the end of the season. So even if we do go down, at least having some form will take us into league 2 with a little more optimism. Rather than being a bunch of wet lettuces!”

“Only way I can sum up tonight’s game is. We beat Sheffield untied. But sadly couldn’t beat our self’ “

“I know we’re shit but Sheffield united are fucking good”

“Best team i’ve seen here”

“Just got back…that was awesome,fight,desire,energy and brilliant atmosphere.Pity i was watching Leicester getting through to the next round of the champions league.”

By Roy

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