Blades 2-1 Charlton

“Today’s result means we are no longer in the running for automatic promotion. I really believed we were going up until today. “

“There is no reason why we shouldn’t be challenging a lot higher in this division if it wasn’t for the tossers in charge. Yet another wasted season.”

“better result than I expected, what’s that now 4 wins from 20, 21? Inspired appointment. “

“We didn’t get humiliated so that’s something.”

“Good game to watch, two teams going for it. We were not far from getting a result, 2 misses from Holmes when he had more time than he realised and Konsa just failed to connect 5 years out with open goal. They had chances as well so a pretty even contest.
Wilder on BBC Sheffield said Charlton should be in top six, not 31 points behind with those players. Difference is nothing to do with off field problems he said, the difference is my players turn up and perform every week.”

“Good first half; not so good second half. Token gesture by that manager type character, in his MacLean white ‘look at me’ trainers and ill fitting training top, to attempt to thank fans at end.
That’s it really. All very depressing. However, Depeche Mode’s new album will cheer you up.”

“Losing, making 3 subs, none for injury and none a striker. They were 3-5-2 and we had 3 CHs on pitch but never matched them up. Wonder why we lost?”

“Pathetic goals given away.
The first goal, Konsa didn’t even make the slightest attempt to stop the cross coming in. He couldn’t even be arsed to hang his leg out to attempt a block, God forbid he should have attempted a proper block.
The striker then headed in the ball unchallenged.
The second goal, Chicksen did little better than Konsa. No attempt to block the cross, although he was further away.
Rudd then spills the ball again, so that’s 3 recent games he’s literally given a goal to the opposition.”

“probably the best first half display this season. Good possesion, passing and movement. For half an hour Sheffield hardly got into our half. When they did they seemed to be able to overload our wide positions, often ending up with two on one. Both crosses for their goals came in this fashion. Our full backs played very narrow, having to rush out to try to close down the space.
In the second half it was more even, but we did have 3 good chances with Holmes(twice) blazing over the bar from the edge of the box and Konza miskicking in front of goal.
In all a good performance, which bodes well for the relegation battle. “

“Sheffield Utd supporters on Twitter saying Charlton best footballing team they have played this season at Bramble lane. Easy to be magnanimous though when you’re winning & top of the league.”

“I overheard Blades fans on the way home saying they couldn’t understand how we weren’t higher than mid table. I wanted to tell them exactly why but didn’t have a spare two hours.”

“Does anybody really give a fuck?”

By Roy

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