“Sheffield United are as rancid to watch as we are so i’m sacking this one off. “

“Unless there are two new central midfielders signed before Saturday, I think they will be too strong across the park for us.
They will bully us in the same way they did at bramall lane and beat us I am afraid.

“I heard Jamie Hoyland say on Monday night in the football hour on Radio Lancs that PNE midfield were out thought & out bullied/ muscled by the Sheffield united Midfielder’s because our midfielder’s were too weak & lightweight? “

“I sense Sheffield will be up for it and their away form isn’t bad. It will be a tight game and a welcome distraction from the league for us too. “

“1600+ already sold in Sheffield. I bet were just above that number, in the no cash ticket only, low confidence, non attacking North End……..I’m a bit fed up today “

“I think either way we will get brushed aside. “

“I loathe Sheff Utd as much as Burnley, which is far more than Blackpool by the way. Simple reason, they’re better than us in a lot of ways. “

“I’ll tell you one way they’re not better than us. Their home ground atmosphere. One of the shittest I’ve seen and with 17000 +…… “

“Sheffield are the most overrated team in this league. Every season, every game they seem to be favourites to win but more often than not, go on to fuck it up. “

“Sheff united are everything we are not, physical, hard working, organised. Are you watching and learning Simon. Nigel Clough never shuts up, his emotion on the touchline transmits to the players. “

“ go back a few weeks and a lot Sheffield Utd fans had had enough of Clough. Negative tactics. Strange selection choices. Poor results. Ineffective signings. For a club averaging nearly double our attendances they are massively underacheiving. These cup runs have papered over the cracks. “

“Just watched the Spurs/Blades match. Sheffield have never stopped running all night. They’ll be knackered on Saturday – well in comparison with us after our night off last night”

“I just watched that game and Spurs, who are a really good footballing side, were dragged down to the 1st division level. Frankly horrible to watch. sound familiar? “

“Did you see our game at Bramall Lane? If you had you would have seen that they played like a bunch of pansies, one little knock and they fell to the ground like a bag of spuds falling off the back of a lorry! only three weeks ago the Sheff Utd fans were calling for his head and saying how poor they were playing in the league! “

“I think that tonight’s result could hardly have been better. Only a heroic fight for an hour with 10 men could have improved it!
They’ve exerted a lot of energy. Done well, but a needless late handball has deflated them. But still, at 1-0, they’re in an awkward situation. They still with a chance, but not exactly riding on a crest of confidence. It will have them a bit in two minds. “

“20000 crowds a week for them is embarrassing all of us in this division and god knows how theyre still in here turning up best part of 20 k every week. Nobody should be competing with them but we are and then some. “

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-match view from Preston”
  1. Don’t know what you are on about regards your fans at the Lane. Nobody outside that end could hear you. our support wasn’t on top form but much better than you’ll ever have. We’ll see at Wembley in the Play Off Final.

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