“Reckon we’ll take around 400”

“Saturday was a breath of fresh air, after the atmosphere we have been in, and I got home before it was dark, must be a new spring.”

“Nigel should be wary on Tuesday, he has to outsmart Robbo (and his team)……not an easy thing to do.”

” A great start for Robbo and the team, a point or three at Bramall Lane to break our Tuesday night hoodoo will do for me.”

“looking forward to Tuesday night for a repeat performance.”

“This will be a lot tougher than against a poor, tired Bradford side.
Still, judging by our exploits against t’Bantams, we’re unlikely to be the soft touch we became under Fergie v t’Blades.
On the flip side we need to overcome our Tuesday hoodoo and the fact we haven’t seemed to have matched up as well against this lot as we have against Bradford in recent times.
Will settle for another 0-0 at half-time, then see if we can nick something. Actually, would happily settle for 0-0 at full-time.”

“Under Ferguson we would definitely have lost this fixture, now I have a bit of hope. Go Robbo go.”

“I know you didn’t expect us to keep a clean sheet against Bradford but I think we’re less likely to do it against Sheffield United. Maybe 1-1.”

“This may not be a “must win” game and it will be a tough game.
I hope and even believe that we’ll get at least one point from it.”

“Bramall Lane is a fantastic ground”

“A trip to another team best suited to cup competitions on Tuesday. AWAY WIN “

By Roy

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