“Can we make it 3 victories in a row? Not sure when we last did that in the league.
This is likely to be our largest crowd of the season although that isn’t a very high bar!!
Hopefully the amount of games United have had in the last few weeks will catch up on them and we’ll be able to secure a dodgy 2-1 win.”

“Cant see us getting much”

“i am predicting an amazing game where we will win and send 800 Chefs home hungry for a winner crying into their soup
i could be in a bit of a stew with this one but its time we pulled a plum out instewad of constant rotten apples”

Tin Pot League 1 club 1
Big Time League 1 club 0 “

“No reason we can’t win it – I’m going for a 1-1 draw though. That would still be a decent result.”

“Sheffield United are superb against top quality players and useless against teams of cloggers.
Home win “

“If we don’t concede early on I think we can get at least a point.
The longer it stays level I think Sheff Utd will push for a winner and we may get lucky for a break-away goal for the 3 points.”
“As they did well in both cups they’ve been playing twice a week for a few weeks now, so hopefully they might be getting a bit fatigued, and again hopefully a long trip South will wear them out even more.
They’re also without one of their better players in Jose Baxter (3 game ban for getting sent off at home last Saturday) although they have a good squad. “

“This should be the largest crowd of the season”

“Obviously within the rules of the ground but can not wait to express my delight at Clough being back at the Broadfield on Saturday. He really thought when he left the conference he would never have to come back to such a hostile tin pot ground like ours. It may have been years ago and his brought teams back and lost since but I can not let it go. Would love it for us to beat them”

“Let’s be honest. The table doesn’t lie. They should win this one.
Come on football, make a fool of me again. “

“They also have Matty Done who caused us no end of problems for Rochdale twice this season.”

“Matty Done is as good a player as I’ve seen at this level this season”

“Ditto. Took us to the cleaners at the Broadfield.”

“Swindon should have won last Saturday too. We can make fools of Sheffield Utd as well. It’s not like we haven’t beaten them before”
“Having watched us being consistently outplayed this season, often by equally lower ranked teams, I think our prospects of surviving at this level are quite slim.
OK, a couple of good wins keeps us interested and no doubt has a great effect on team spirit and the general moral of the supporters, but the bottom line is regrettably, from all that we have seen, that we are one of the four worst teams in the Division. “

“let’s try and be positive as we have only had majority of possesion once this season it is unlikely to be pretty.But defensively we look strong “

“Big crowd expected tomorrow. Make sure you’re here to get behind Dean and the lads”

“Its now time to have our own defined terrace song and identity.
The TIN POT Flag ( sorry I don’t know how to insert picture ) and the new chant, we’re tin pot Crawley we know who we are, should form our own self mocking identity.
Millwall have the “no one likes us” theme and I think the lads with the tin pot flag have just created a good fun identity that we should all adopt.
Well done to them ( please insert the pic here for anyone who has not seen it The flag pic )
There should be car stickers, tee shirts, more flags, even more songs etc etc etc.
So here’s to tin pot Crawley , at last we have our own song and identity. “

“‘We’ve got less fans than you’
‘We’re supposed to be at home’
And many more…”

“We are the TIN POT MEN and we come from the town of Crawley “

“We know who are, we know who we ararre, we’re tinpot Crawley, we know who we are.”

By Roy

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