“someone please tell me how Philliskirk keeps starting games? He’s one of the most innaffective players I’ve ever watched”

“For a long time fans like him because he runs around and gives it his best. Still remember when people said they would have
him over Daniel Johnson and Baxter “

“He needs a goal to give him a little boost Philly is a massive confidence player and at the minute the confidence isent thier
when he’s on form hes a very good player for this league “

“Philliskirk is a fantastic player. He gives 100% each game a lot of effort that some fans don’t recognise, probably because
they have never played football themselves. He runs every inch of the pitch chasing lost causes that other players give up. He
breaks play up in the middle of the park and if there was any criticism of him is that he does not score enough but that is
mainly due to him doing other players work.”

“I still remember the number of goals we gave away because Johnson was watching the man he was supposed to be marking from the
other half of the field. The same applied to Baxter. Neither of those to would make themselves available when the ball was in a
difficult spot and both gave the ball away more than Philliskirk. “

“Can we just write the season off now? Send back all the loan players and put the kids in!”

“Given our record against current bottom six: 2 wins, 3 draws & 7 defeats… I say bring on 5th place Sheffield United – Latics
certain to turn up for this one. “

“Minutes applause tomorrow in memory of Harry Dowd “

“We’ve been voted the 19th best ground in league one” (Blades voted 4th in same poll. http://www.the92.net/stats#.VScED_nF96w)

“Looks like Forte will still be out for Saturday”

“I bet Nigel Clough and his defence will be looking forward to meeting the OAFC strike force on Saturday. Apart from the
injured Forte not one other Oldham player has reached double figures. Morgan-Smith(The Ghost), Philliskirk, Poleon and
Wilkinson have not scored ten between them”

“I hope we can win on Saturday , and keep Baxter out of the game for 90 mins.”

“I am sure Nigel Clough will play it cool, on the face of things to come he has not got much to worry about! Our manager has
stated that he wants he team to go out with ‘a bang’ well I for one think it will be ‘with a clang’! Not a clue as to who and
what the midfield will be, lots of centre-backs and a trio of strikers whose presence will instil fear into the Sheffield

“Poleon mcould be a good player with his skill and speed but as for mellis hes done nowt!! can see why he cant get in a poor
blackpool side doesnt show enough desire.”

“we have won 3 in the last 12. I have heard many phrases used on the terraces in connection with Poleon this season but
‘firepower’ is not one of them.”

“What can the current tripe do that the up and coming kids can’t?
Score – we’re not scoring?
Defend – we’re not defending?
Create – we’re not creating?
Oh – and play a proper formation. 4-4-2.”

By Roy

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