“My Owls fan mate wants to come if he’ll be able to stand with me and be a fan for the night!”

“Be interesting to see how many Rovers fans turn up at Bramall Lane. Not many I reckon after last nights shambles.”

“I was gonig but not bothering now, just simply as the game is worthless.”

“1200 tops I reckon, season over, I never seen a decent game between the two.”

“I know it’s not brilliant but it’s a night game and most fans don’t think we’ll get anything out of this season plus a couple
of hundred fans are banned because of ‘pyros’ talk on social media and a lot of fans refuse to come to home games because of
how poor we are at home and because we still have Dickov”

“We are nearer the relegation places than the play offs. 8 points from Relegation. 10 points from play offs.
We all know what happened from this point last season…………………………………………..Is history about to repeat itself?”

“Nailed on to win at Bramall Lane.”

“No chance. Another season wasted. Roll on next year !”

“We’ll draw. It won’t be inspiring but we won’t lose.”

“I have absolutely no idea which Donny team will turn up but we’ve gone from an outside chance of the play-offs to a possible relegation, given last season and the plonker we have in charge I wouldn’t bet against it.”

“Sheff U are shaky as hell at home so we have to tear at them. If we are going to miss out then I’d rather be able to say we
went out with guns blazing than with a whimper.”

“Mate of mine , well I say mate , if anyone can be friendly towards a Dingle, went on Saturday and said the Blunts totally out
played them”

“OK so its one game I am not best to comment on being a bus ride away. However I go and support my team through thick and thin
as do most on here, so I suppse we can only see our viewpoint in terms of floating support. I am expecting a massive
disapointment on Tuesday. Will we sell all the, i believe, 1500 posibly not. The season is over for a lot I fear. However I
hope we do sell more. “

“It’s local pride for me now and I want to finish above our mates from Dingleville.
Sheffield exile I am staying with Mrs Rover in that little place where Brian the Blade comes from”

“Whilst I do agree that Sheff u may be too soon for unleashing all of the kids, I think Lund, Middleton and McKay would give us
an energy that Utd would not be expecting and could give us a morale boosting victory. I am an eternal optimist though and live
in hope for an inspirational leader as a manager. Oh well so much for that dream”

“I will be there to see us beat the stuttering blades”

“The possibility of some good football from our team? Effort. Passion. Shots on goal. Tenacious defending. The manager showing
some tactical ability
I fear the worst even allowing for our decent away form we’ve played too many get out of jail cards this season, I fear a bit
of a spanking but yet I do so hope I’m wrong”

“everywhere I’ve been this season not one side has had a good home atmosphere”

“If Chris Smalling……is the 4th best centre back in England, then Andy-f***ing-Butler must be a decent shout for the 5th

“difference between Jones and Butler, they both have the passion and have the heart. ………… Jones could do his job,
Andy Butler cant.”

By Roy

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