“Blood the youth and clear the decks – send the Blackpool reserves back and let’s move on”

“the team are going to take some getting back on their feet going to be very difficult for parky to raise the moral, hope i’m wrong but this doesen’t auger well for saturday.”

“I’d bring Halliday and McMahon into the midfield for Yeates and Knott”

“This is another potential mauling. Throwing in boys just because of anger at a defeat could badly damage their careers if it is a mullering, and damning our youth players comes as naturally to some as damning our manager.
I’d expect Parkinson to start with the regulars most likely to grind out a draw, then give 2 youths a chance at Scunthorpe.”

“Hanson will drift out to the left as its an instruction from PP but Bramhall lane is a wide pitch so on defensive duty i don’t mind that, help us if anything as Hanson isn’t exactly electric on the break. Stick to the diamond and see if we can get a good show out of Halliday and McMahon if we want them next season.”

“The scary thing is, we’re 10 points off the drop zone. Its basically been our decent away record that has kept us away from it.”

“I would say there is very little difference between any of the clubs outside the top 4 or 5 and I include all the way down to Yeovil in that. “

“We’ve still only spent £7,500 this season”

“Buzzing for Sheffield derby”

“Good job where aren’t playing Sheff Wednesday on Saturday or the media would be wanking them self off at the headlines”

“Can’t wait to get to Bramall Lane on Saturday and at least for a couple of hours have the focus of Bradford City purely on the football.”

“a thrashing at home possible new owners and unfounded fire stories. Followed by a great victory at Bramall lane?”

“To have the chance to win a league game at Bramall Lane, would have been laughed at, as little as just two years ago”

“With the post on the city website regards crowd disorder for tomorrow’s away game at Sheff Utd has the club received information about possible trouble?”

“Just read it and think its a general message to fans, not a particularly large crowd from a Sheffield perspective. Unless anyone knows any different???”

“No surprises after incidents at our local away games recently.”

By Roy

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