“The pressure is immense at the moment”

“Can you honestly, hand on heart, say that we deserve to stay up? Obviously if we’re in 20th place come the evening of 3rd of
May then we deserve to stay up over 46 games but seriously do we have any complaints if we go down?”

“Orient will not win on Saturday or at Swindon.
There’s nothing that’s happened in the last two games to make me think otherwise.
No complaints from me regarding relegation.
The whole club, from top to bottom, deserves no more, no less.”

” I cannot see us winning either game. You can’t see the players coping with the huge pressure, they couldn’t at Rochdale, MK
Dons or at home to Donny. The really annoying thing is that we were in a damn good position to avoid relegation but we have
bottled it big-time.”

“looking at Sheff Utd form of recent it gives us a bit of hope – losing at Yeovil, drawing at home to Bradford and away to
Oldham. Swindon’s isn’t any better, also losing to Yeovil and struggling to draw against Walsall, both at home, only just
beating P’boro and being thrashed by the champions (where they tried to kick City off the park) and MK.”

“If we beat Sheffield utd Saturday and then a rested Swindon side I recon that will be enough.”

“There is no chance of us staying up. It is clear that the players have given up, for reasons best known to themselves.
I think losing the Donny game killed us.
I would rather that we go down on Sat & we can then start preparing for next season.”

“We’re fecked. Just give up any hope.”

“Think we can beat Sheff Utd If we score first, but that’s a massive if…”

“Seriously guys, it’s over.
Use Saturday as a chance to make our feelings about Liverani known.”

“I just hope Ex-Well hero Wee Jamie Murphy isn’t the one to sink us on Saturday.”

“Sheffield Utd will beat us on Saturday.”

“The reaction of the players at the final whistle last night said it all.
They’re absolutely finished.
I would love to be proved wrong but it really isn’t going to happen.
Who the two opponents are in the remaining two games are is now totally irrelevant.
Right now, the way things are going, they could be playing Bristol City and Preston or Yeovil and Colchester and the outcome
would probably be the same.
They’ll get one point if you’re lucky.
If you truly believe that Orient could still stay up then you really need to get their head out of the clouds.”

“We have not beaten Sheff Utd at home since 1983 I believe? Their 1500 fans will rock them to victory. Can not think of a worse
team to play at home. We do not have a chance end of. Donny at home was when I knew the game was up”

“This Is The Time To Show What We’re Made Of
Leyton Orient 0-4 Sheffield United”

“we still mathematically have a chance of staying up, irrespective of what most of us generally seem to think is a foregone
Talk of protests on Saturday is in no way going to help our chances in of staying up over the last two games.
We need to put our feelings and opinions (including mine!) behind us IMHO for the last two games, starting Saturday, and get
behind the team and try and do what we can to help get us over the line. We need to stay in this league.
If it all ends up as most of us fear it will, at least we tried and did our bit….then we can make our feelings known, instead
of thinking back about any protests we made or any booing during the game that did not help the cause.We can still stay up, our
heads may be admitting its too late, but its time for the hearts to rule for these two games. Should be a big crowd on
Saturday, lets get behind the team.”

“I’ve already given away my tickets for Saturday. Our esteemed owner and that OAF Liverani have succeeded in convincing me that
its not worth the heartache.
Its actually not the losing, or relegation – more a despair for the hijacking of a great family club with an ethos of
competitiveness – and its transformation into a wasteland inhabited by confusion and pain”

“I too have given away my season tickets, Mk and Rochdale was enough
for me I can’t stomach these underachievers for the last two games….”

“How is this team getting relegated?”

“I know the game isn’t played on paper, and they haven’t performed anything like consistently, but you do wonder how it’s all
come to this!”

“You’re right, it’s not bad is it? The mess we’re in, is unbelievable”

“Since I last shaved, Orient haven’t won a game. Moral of the story? Never shave”

“Anyone else already biting their fingernails waiting for Saturday?”

“Supporting Leyton Orient..a bit like a Greek tragedy. Everything starts all right, then shit gets real. From wembley to this.”

“Saturday and swindon matches are arguably the most important matches for our future in recent history! “

“We are favourites to win on Saturday… I have absolutely no idea why we are though”

By Roy

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