“Will it be another horrible game reminiscent of the loss under RM? I fear a close defeat. They are a decent outfit by the look of it this season. “

“Will the team play to keep Kit in his job or just kill time until the queues in McDonald’s die down? “

“The only way i’m going to feel remotely happy is if we spank them good and proper , but it an’t gonna happen .Those blades will be looking for blood. “

“The bookies only just have us as favourites for the match, which is pretty poor for a home game against opposition a division (albeit only 7 places) lower. Pretty much sums up where the team is.
I’ll go for a 1-2 loss, though would accept a proper spanking given that this would hasten Kit’s departure. “

“Our squad is so thin now, like a 1st Division team, and with all these injuries the team nearly picks its self so we may sneak a win.  The real problem is their supporters may outnumber ours like we did a Wycombe, when we still had hope.”

“Kit is in a horrible position
he should be in a position to send out the second string (if we have one) but knows a defeat could lead to his sacking “~

“If I was Kit Id be playing my strongest team to keep my job. Crowd is going to be embarrassing by all accounts “

“hope we get fucking hammered again and Kit is shown the door.”

By Roy

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