“We’ve not had a great start, not scoring enough goals nor entertaining much.”

“Even though I predict we will lose 3-0 I’m still going.
A slight change of subject…
Billy Sharp is a Doncaster Rovers hero, proven by his number of votes for the legends banner.
What reception will he get?
I’ll be singing his name! Even though he will 100% score against us! “

“He will get a polite round of applause from me prior to KO but I won’t be singing his name,Legend yes but he is now playing for our rivals in a South Yorkshire derby,I’ll be saving my vocal cords to sing & support our current players.”

“Billy Sharp was a good player for us ,but not a legend”

“More a cult hero than a legend.”

“Hope we can at least take a 1,000+, think our initial allocation was only 1,400 and we can’t sell that. As for the sharp thing.. Is he really a legend at our club? Personally he isn’t for me, was just a proven goal scorer and a few fans favourite.”

“Went ‘berserk’ after scoring against us for Southampton. Total lack of respect that? He’s no hero of mine. Didn’t see darren Moore do that when he scored for derby against us. Now that’s a true rovers legend “

“He didn’t go berserk at Southampton he jogged over to a disabled fan and kissed him and got booked for going into the crowd.
I’ve no problem with him celebrating in Saturday especially as he’s a sheff utd fan, I loved it when he went mad scoring for us against scunny “

“I seem to remember sharp came over to the rovers fans at the end of that game to give us a clap, Shame the 11 players on our side couldn’t be arsed that day.”

“After the way Billy was helped by the Rovers fans after the early death of his son it would be very bad if he was to over celebrate a goal against us whether it was for “his team Sheff Utd” or anyone else.
Respect should be a two way thing.”

“He won’t over celebrate but I don’t expect him to not celebrate at all”

“My mate is big scunny fan, sharp was his hero,
But he’s hated him ever since that celebration, it’d be tough to watch him go wild like that, taking his shirt off and booting advertising board”

“Players should celebrate scoring a goal, it shows no disrespect, i hate that holding the hands up sorry gesture, he would never have joined us if Sheff utd hadn’t wanted him to go.
He was always a big Sheff utd fan, he was” loaned” to us when we got him, his affections were always the same, but i do think he loves our club as well, for how the fans treated him and the best time period of his career, we had his best years.”

“He celebrated for us against sheff u so were naive to think he won’t the other way around”

“Do we care – really? If he scores against us he’ll celebrate! If he doesn’t – he won’t! Personally I hope that any celebrations come from our players! I’m not bothered either way whether if he scores agains us he celebrates or not! He ain’t our player anymore so I don’t give a monkey’s personally!”

“Ooh. Ooh. I wonder if Billy still loves us.
Whatever happened to having a bit of self-respect? I don’t give a flying f*** what he thinks about us. I hope Butler puts him over the Kop roof after 30 seconds and he doesn’t land until the 89th minute.
Or, alternatively, I won’t give a shite if Sharp scores 5 goals and celebrates every time by dropping his shorts, thrapping himself to tumescence and revealing his swollen organ with the words “Donny, Aids, Pikey, Scum” in foot high neon letter dangling from his bell end, just as long as young Curtis scores 6.
And yes, that final scenario is a little far-fetched, I’ll grant you. “

“Couldn’t really be arsed whether he celebrates or not.
Thing is, if people moan about our prices for tickets, they won’t pay the £25 at Sheff Utd will they? We’ve sold out in the past and we don’t portray ourselves to be a massive club, unlike them (maybe its just a Sheffield thing).
What I will bring up though, remember when we played Blades on TV and they brought 750 to the KMS? Hardly massive that, considering it’s down the road and there seems to be a stronghold of ‘Donny Blades’.
I’m looking forward to it though anyway, love a local derby. They’ve not been on form recently and personally it’s a decent time from our perspective to play them, got a feeling BS will score against us in some form although I think he’s probably only capable of taking a penalty. “

“Not sure he will be on penalties after missing two the other night.
I always thought he was a poor pen taker.”

“Got me tickets today. Never been to Bramall Lane before – any atmosphere in the place? Got to admit I did like Hillsborough when I visited that will take some beating.”

“I went a few seasons ago CiM when we drew 1-1 and Hayter scored.  I found the big video screen in the corner of the away end quite distracting.”

“ The main downside to Bramall Lane is it is not really built for people who have legs…the tightest, most uncomfortable away end I have ever been in. No doubt people will just say I should just stand up but that’s a whole other debate!”

“I won’t be going to Bramall Lane again in a hurry. “

“I’m just hoping we give it a go “

By Roy

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