“Big game against Sheffield on Tuesday for Burton. This will in my opinion be one of the toughest games we face at the Pirelli.”

“Who is this Sheffield you talk about?
Sheffield FC play in the Evo Stik First Division South, have we got them in a cup match?”
“Although we are playing great
I think given the chan ce I would take a draw now just to consolidate a great start to the season”

“Every game that comes along I feel how difficult it is going to be, and so they are, but somehow this team finds the energy, skill, and commitment to win the game. Fantastic time to be a Brewer”

“Heady days for Brewers fans right now. Best days for the club ever so time to savour it.
Bring on the Blades!”

“Our average home support is around 2,400 to 2,700 which is obviously small compared to most clubs but it is growing. It is taking a long time but we were still in the Unibond league in 2002.
The club is run correctly at a profit by our long serving chairman Ben Robinson and looking at if from a wider aspect it is probably very good for English football that we continue to achieve as we do.
Everybody seems to think JFH will jump ship as soon as any big club comes calling but I’m not so sure that is the case. Sure eventually a really big club will come in for Jimmy and he will go, he is destined for the top, of that I have absolutely no doubt. But Jimmy chose Burton Albion for his first job in English football for reasons very important to him. He picked his chairman, how the club is run and the vast community projects run by the clubs community trust plus the family values the club stands for all were a good match for Jimmy’s values and principals.
Regarding this season, I never ever thought we could reach the championship, of course its very early days yet but we are top and maybe the unthinkable is possible. I have seen nothing to frighten us football wise, other clubs in this division maybe have some better quality players than we do but we have an organised team and a game plan masterminded by JFH and David Oldfield, we have belief, ambition and superb team spirit allied to a lot of ability.
We may well fall flat on our face at some stage but I seriously doubt it, the club are going to give it everything we have got, I like what the players say, ” we aren’t playing the size of the club, its history or supporters but the 11 players on the pitch representing that club”.
For a supporter like me with nearly 50 seasons under his belt its dreamland at present, I am going to enjoy the ride home and away and see where it takes us.”

“I think I’m starting to lose grip on reality. I’ll wake up tomorrow and we’ll still be in the Doc Martens Prem, but I’ll have had a fantastic dream.”

“will be very surprised if its under 5000 on Tuesday, think they have sold all their allocation, 1900 or something close plus 2,700 regular home support would give 4,600. Surely being top of the league we should get over 500 part timers in ! “

“The way we played yesterday we should all be telling any bugger who’ll listen how good it is to be a Brewer at the minute. As I’ve said before, the club do the publicity but we’re the face of the club in many respects.”

“Seems John Brayford is still injured”

By Roy

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