“We are destined for mid table. We just keep passing it and wont shoot “

“Will the team that played Wigan please turn up, after some corner practice. We need a win to start the month off, here’s hoping.”

“If we can beat Utd then I suppose it’s 7 points from the last 9 which is ok, obviously we have to take it for granted they are gonna score from a corner so we’ll need get at least 2….”

“if we play with the pace , attitude and apathy of last night we will get battered no mistake , and with the blunts bringing as many fans as home fans it will be a right flashback to the 80s!!!! Need to be up for this , cos they will.”

“Love these kind of games ,decent away following over 1k i should imagine”

“I hope it snows again for them.”

“Sounds like they’re coming to attack us.
It’s gonna be raining goals!”

“This should be a great game. With us only losing one home game this season in all competitions and they have already sold 1,300 tickets as of yesterday. I would hope there are at least 5,000 vale fans for this one. If we start positive and get at them we can turn these over again.”

By Roy

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